the rainbow

the rainbow

a rainbow seen from my concrete jungle
the storm passes over
atleast for awhile it does


walkin in the rain

 I dream of you walking with me in the


down a fair country


 with my arm around

you ,

 and yours around me

too ,

 and your clothes

 wet ,

 tranparent like flimy


 clinging to your body like a second skin ,

stretched tight and


  a mist of vaporing


from swaying treetops,

 shroud us in a mystic cloud of


the mode set for a


There’s lil beauty in the rain


cleansing and pure like a


maybe we match from,


of being me

who am i ?
i am not just the product of my DNA,
I am a sum of my everyday existence,
i can not be defined in a single word,
maybe a mouthful of english perchance,
but a whole book wouldnt quite catalogue me all the same,
who i am each day changes,
i am that guy who looks at the world with a child-like curiosity,
seeing everything as if for the first time,
i might not really know who i am or where i am going,
but i am on my way there ,
i like the person i am,
each step reaches out to who i will become,
in my heart i know i am destined for greatness,
what and whosoever we seek, seeks us also,

I am the guy who *clicks* like on my own posts,
i am the guy who comments on his own posts,
so what if i am the first to like my own post or comment on it,
who ever said you shudnt give yourself a thumbs up or pat on the back,
i am the guy that congratulates himself for a job well done,
and raises a glass in toast to myself,
if you dont appreciate your self-worth who do you expect to value you speculatively appreciatively,

i am the guy with the vivid imagination,
my mind¿s eye has stereoscopic high-definition imagery,
sometimes i can recall a scene,
and be hard-pressed to be definitely sure
if twas a book i read or a movie i watched or even just a dream i had last night,
i am the guy who still watches cartoons ,
some of my best movies of all time are animated flicks,
i watched the lion king countless times,
i still hate scar just for kicks,
and just coz it rhymes,

i am the guy who will watch a leaf,
falling softly to the soft brown earth,
and want to sketch it with charcoal to canvas,
and wonder if it fluttered to the ground,
in the way it did only cause i was watching,
and wonder if it hurt the stem from which it fell,

when eating a meal i like, i eat what i like best last,
to savor the flavor,
i never say yuck to something before trying it,
like mixing peanut butter , sugar, powdered milk and chocolate powder to make a snack,
here and there i even eat a teaspoonful of sugar for an instant energy fix,

personally i prefer handwritten , stamped and posted sentiments of a tangible nature,
i love words,
words on paper,
words on a screen,
words in a book,
they breathe a life of their own,
heck even prefer watching a movie with the subtitles on
i have drawer full of unsent letters whose receipients will never know,
i am the guy who will not send a message or email with just one word,
i am the guy who doesnt use shorthand in messages and i use my t9 dictionary to text,
i am the guy who uses all 180 characters in one text message,
even if it was just to say good morning,

i am the guy that believes in perfection,
but i also believe in bending slightly than breaking completely,
i am not perfect but i seek to do perfectly all my tasks ,
even those i do not like for i know no other way,
doing simple things perfectly than sophisticated things imperfectly,
and sometimes even a poorly executed plan is better than inaction,
i am the guy who will go a long way out of my way,
so that i can come back a short distance,
in the right direction,

I believe in fairytales, human angels and happy endings,
i like to think there¿s basic goodness in each of us,
deep down where it really counts,
i talk along to my favorite movie scenes when watching them again,
sing along off-key to my favorite songs,

like a teabag whose tea¿s strength can not be judged till it is put in hot water,
my best creations are when am under pressure and deadlines due,
i believe we make our own luck but it wouldnt hurt to wear lucky boxers for an added boost,
and so what if i can not wolf-whistle, tie a hangman¿s noose or write anything that rhymes,
it still feels like poetry to me,
i cant paint like picasso, raphaelo, michaelangelo, davinci but i can put ink to paper in a fairly convincing landscape or portrait,

i like to be alone ,
but only when there are other people there,
i feel lost in crowds but i love company,
i find meaning in silence,
i may not always say all that i mean,
but i always mean what i say,
i try be true to my word,
i try to keep promises i make if i can ,
i am the guy who says thank you all the time and apologises always ,
even if it wasnt my fault , that the weather was too cold for the picnic i promised to take you on,

i am that guy that hates being the cause of anyone¿s distress, however indirectly i might have caused it,
i am the guy that can not help but help and feel guilty at the sight of a crying lady even thou i didnt cause the tears,
i am the guy whom if you told you loved flowers i¿d pluck petals from my own heart,
i am the guy that watches you being happy with someone else even thou you would be happiest with me just because
i dont want to be the reason for you to break up,
i am the guy whose heart if you should into a million pieces break,
i¿d still love you a million times with each broken part,
i am that guy who is a hopeless romantic at heart,


i am what i am i dont want praise i dont want pity,
i bang my own drum, some think its noise , i think its pretty
…..and your life is a sham till you too can shout i am what i am

that is who i am,… who are you….???????