the phantom lover

Like falling for a phantom spirit,
whose form has no substance,
with an invisible smile you can not see lighting up their face,
and a voice and face you hardly you recall ,
whose caress you can not feel,
whose hug has no comfort,
whose very presence grips,
the heart with an icy rememberance,
which no warmth can thaw,
but its only distance that keeps us apart,
i will wait for you,
counting each grain of sand ,
as it falls into a heap in the hour glass like an unshed tear,
till the day i see you,
touch you,
embrace you,

Like falling for a phantom spirit
a distant love not in sight
whose icy touch
seeks out warmth
and comfort
like a moth to a flame,
fascinated by a fiery passion
Like falling for a phantom spirit
a forbidden love
a fabled lust
no future no past
like a dear dazzled by headlites
of an oncoming vehicle
like falling for a phantom spirit
unseen but not unfelt
like a predator watches its prey
i feel your gaze on me