Of reflections

Of reflections

Stares into depth of mirror,
Asks self “Who am I?”
Questions self  “Who are you, to ask me who I am?”
Your reflection” I reply
Have you ever looked,
Really  looked at your identification particulars,
And realised its nothing but
A piece of paper, plastic or metal in some cases,
With your name and a picture,
That states you the bearer,
are who you are
And noone else.
Who are we but the projections and perceptions
Of the illusions
And the delusions
we labor under.
Who are we but complex equations,
Of projections and actions that define us
We are a summation,
Of the way we see ourselves,
The way we imagine others see us,
The why others imagine we see ourselves,
And the way they see us,
And all we have are our words and actions
These are the codecs,
That program how we
consolidate our truth & perceptions
illusions & delusions,
to project images on the minds of others.
And in the end, 
We are who we are,
Who we are meant to be,
nothing more and less.


Digital addiction

I’m from the new age nation,
A social network creation,
With digital addiction,
a notification,
is the cue to start conversation.
One new message received,
One new retweet
I have a Crush on Candy,
I am her winner,
I post pics of my dinner,
I am a FarmVille farmer.
I get 55 likes and 22 shares,
I think everyone cares.
I make fun of your status I am a joker,
With superior grammar,
my friend’s a transformer,
their profile pic is a car,
just like bumble bee,
Unique reminds me of me.
I complain it’s too hot,
and than hate on the cold.
I am a big shot,
I’ve been told,
so my selfies are old,
And my dreams are too bold.
I took down my profile pic,
and tomorrow I’ll repost it,
Will you like it?
I used to make phone calls,
but now I’ll inbox,
And send you jokes.
All of it original posts,
But secretly hope my quotes,
are never traced,
cause I accepted applause,
For a copy and paste.
My relationship is a status,
my profile pics are the baddest,
My imagination the wildest,
I could be anyman,
I’m Clark Kent,
“S” on my chest
I’m Superman,
with cape on my back,
I checked into KFC,
and snapped a pic,
of someone else’s dessert,
Posted it as mine,
not even one like,
My confidence is shaken,
I smoke digital narcotics,
My drugs weigh an Instagram,
this hippie’s electronic.
Hash browns wrapped in hashtags,
The hashtag man in a hashtag world.
We can only be friend’s if my request was accepted,
I’m back on the FaceBook,
Five seconds after I left it.
I’m on the network now,
I wrote you a message,
The lil green dot says you are online,
The time stamp says seen at nine, Yet you never reply any of mine,
You were always outspoken,
And I am heartbroken.
Is there is another,
you would rather,
I am devastated.
I am sophisticated,
My status is a relationship and its complicated.
My last post is feeling lonely at home,
Am I ever alone?
A stranger says hello
And another laughs aloud,
Is this cyber world a place,
more real than home space,
Phones and computers,
whispering loudly,
In capital letters,
telling secrets boldly,
to everyone only,
and to noone also,
In capital letters,
New Notification,
Friend request verification,
Online toast Cheers,
Drinking virtual beers,
with virtual friends,
at virtual events,
nothing but a username,
And a profile image,
Sending bits of bytes
Of this and that,
Pixels and data,
To other users.
Are you,
Like me,
A computer too?,
Or are you like me a spectator?,
Prove you are self aware and you matter,
Then write me a letter,
call me and lets chatter,
Before I forget to use my voice,
The new age geek,
Who forgot to speak,
And became a program
With a chip for a brain.

The strong silent man

The strong silent man,
Silent and strong
Strong and silent
carrying life’s burden,
on his massive shoulders,
In a world with no rest,
For the weary it’s a test,
Awake in a world,
That never,
He trudges on,
His burdens his own,
He acknowledges,
the world,
With just a grunt,
No words or vowels,
Certainly not,
his deepest fears,
Or lord forbid,
shed tears,
The strong silent man,
with a burden to carry,
And a long way to go.
The strong silent man,
Is he strong from carrying his burden?,
Or is he strong so he can carry his burden? ,
Is he is strong because he is silent?,
Is he silent because he is strong?
Maybe he is neither strong nor silent,
He is just a man with nothing to say,
Never knowing how to say anything,
Silently with his weight to carry,
And a distance to go,
No where to put it down,
No one to help,
The strong silent man,
He is the weight he carries.

mastery in the making


“its not luck,
its hard work,
no expectations only desire,
I get it,
its not about what you know,
its not about who you know,
look at this guy,
its about what you do,
I know it takes a lil pizaz,
a lil sass,
That Oude Meester will kick your ass
don’t confuse the size of your paycheck
with the size of your talent”

So when is enough, enough?”

“It never is..
this is my city
you never stop
ok you never stop
you never really stop
today you’re a hero,
tomorrow you’re a dreamer,
the next day you’re a schemer,
and then you’re a leader,
a Leader,
a master of them all…”

“…and then?”

“…and then you just keep on going
because to make it big,
to be a real master..
You gotta stay humble and keep on learning…
uyephambili ngemfundo,
inhlonipho kwingwenya.”


courtesy of Oude Meester
prestige reveals itself with time


*big city bright lights*

“How do you know when you have made it
is it the fame,
the fortune,
when you hip,
when you flying,
how bout,
your face on a hundred dollar bill,
that’s Benjamin Franklin,
he wasn’t just on money,
he made money,
and plenty of it..”

“He also gave it away
he was a real philanthropist..”

“A philanthropist,
a scientist,
yeah he started the first U.S. post office,
he was a politician,
he was a humorist,
he was an inventor,
I reinvent myself all the time..”

“..Fight for human rights.”

“..Yeah the man did like to fight..”

“If you don’t stand up for something,
you fall for anything,
that’s how I eat,
and still,
and still.”

“..Yeah the man did like to fight..”

“I fight too you know”
“Yeah I see”
“I fight all the time”

“I see, and don’t forget,
he signed the declaration of independence.”

“Thats some serious signing power,
its almost like a song,
when you said,
‘yeah the man sure did like to fight’..”

“Money’s worth it
talent is nothing…
…back at that time
he was exuding flyness
big ballin status
Ben Franklin was just a masterful dude
I mean,
he tamed electricty
he concluded that erm..
“that opposites attract”
“I luv dat,
all the girls looking at Ben
‘what the hell is Ben doing
flying a kite out there?’
next thing you know
somebody turned the lights on
oh snap Ben got electricty girl you better get over here,
and get your lights on
he even built his own musical instrument
hmmm we needed that
pretty fly for an old guy
..I am feeling that..”

“The legacy lives on
he even has his head,
on this bottle,
put that in your internet
put that in your twitter right there
if I only had a lil bit of that,
guess I got a long way to go,
one day man,
one day,
its coming,
to the Oude Meester RESPECT”


courtesy of Oude Meester