Of my epiphany

Prisoners of faith,
in this jail of religion,
a congregation full of zealots,  blind yet passionate,
mind controlled by the morally corrupt,
led astray by the spiritually bankrupt,
souls bought and sold for dreams untold,
lies and bold mistruths Continue reading


Of my sister moon

It’s because you gone,
That I am writing this,
my sister moon,
I remember it like it was yesterday,
Even though it’s been a year
It was a Sunday,
You took your last breath that day,
It would make us smile to see you shine
But you gone to never return,
You shone brief but so bright,
I never cried,
That year I cried twice,
The day you got married
and the day you died.
you lived,
and loved
so full of life,
I had a dream,
you were here,
when you still shone,
You said you were afraid,
The light would stop shining,
I said the light never stops shining,
In the hearts of those you touched.
My sister moon,
It will always be like just yesterday,
we live on,
your memories in our hearts,
Until that day,
Written in the book of life.