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I was tagged in the This and That book tag by Mable. I am quite honoured more than little flattered and your secret is somewhat safe with me. Thank you for the nomination and the other thing, I do not know; do I pretend I did not see that? or, as That Writer Chic would say it’s complicated. Again many thanks Mable ^_^

Alrighty then lets get to it;

Wherever it’s comfortable and I can read in peace. But on lazy days of binge reading, for a change of scene, after I fall asleep reading a book in bed, in the morning I will drag my duvet to the lounge. Lounging on the couch, book in hand, a cup of tea getting cold on the coffee table and the TV watching me, as it makes background noise.

Male main character. A man of action, few words, but witty, like Bruce Willis meets Batman meets the guy from The Transporter movies and the new James Bond. No drama. Books with main female characters tend to get a little chick flicky but there are always exceptions; who kick down doors and take names and throw witty retorts while they at it… Jack Daniels from J. A. Konrath novels.

Salty snacks. Salty snacks with cheese. Spicy salty snacks with cheese. Snacks one can have with a chilled intoxicating beverage.

Hmmm one of my all-time favourite books is Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. A trilogy in four parts. Riddle me that. 3 seems like a nice solid number of books to have but 3 or 4 small difference if the story is good enough to carry through why not? I am currently hooked to a series with ten parts and I am half-way through book 8, started Book 1 a year ago….

I read when I can. At night there are less disturbances the “normal” people are sleeping, and in the morning when I wake up, I can continue from where I left off first thing before the world intrudes and demands I get out of bed.

I love first person point of view, makes you feel like these thoughts are your thoughts that you are part of the story. But some stories call for a more dissociative observation from the reader, you are just a passenger in the story watching where it leads.

What are bookstores? Are those shops that sell books? Bookshops? Well, where I am from Bookshops are more of glorified Stationery shops and most books they stock are educational text books, and a few novels that are recommended for literature students. Why one would want to spend time in there beats me besides there is nowhere to sit too. If looking for novels you have better luck checking out roadside vendors, one can find surprisingly good gems, even bestsellers.
That leaves a library. But the libraries  we got left are more for educational needs than just reading for pleasure so it’s no fun reading in there unless you have a due assignment or exam. I would rather take my book and sit on a park bench.

Why read a book that makes you cry, that’s just torture, I read to escape I read for fun, I read to laugh.
So I would not willing pick up and read a book that plays with my feels and gives me chest pains, I am all for comedy.
Even the stories I write always have a spark or a blazing conflagration of humour because why cry when you can laugh.

My Blog Nominees for the Book Tag are

Some String Of Words  Because haven’t heard from you in forever and this is a warm friendly nudge.

Diary of a headless chicken I recently stumbled on this blog and I have thing for chickens, so headless ones are a curious oddity I that I can’t deny.

From Tokyo To The World  sometimes lives under a rock, a very interesting one but comes out to now and and then and because I cant wait to read the answers he comes up with.

Drops Of Sunshine because we all could do with a drop of golden sun, winter is coming.

Cathleen cause just read something that was plot changing.

Pineapple Unscripted because pineapples are great except on a pizza

Samira Isimbi   a new blog just started; show some love, here is to reading more of you ^_^

Makaitah Rogue because she said she was back from a sabbatical but hasn’t posted anything in forever, ok it’s only been a few weeks, but hey.

Afuaawo one word; poetry ^_^

hazvinei cause always has interesting views on stuff

The Bantu Voice  because something something, Chicken. but do you read?

Now if you should choose to take part in this challenge the terms and conditions are simple
The rules are;
1. Thank and link the person who tagged you.
2. Answer the questions asked.
3. Tag other 10 bloggers to do same.



13 thoughts on “Of A This & That Book Tag

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  2. Awesome answers, B!
    “Male main character. A man of action, few words, but witty, like Bruce Willis meets Batman meets the guy from The Transporter movies and the new James Bond.” ~> So what you’re saying is, I should expect a novel from you in the future with the male main character above? 😉

    Also, I absolutely agree with you about reading to laugh. I do tend to drift towards comedy, or at least a main character with a really sarcastic sense of humor (ex: The Martian. Very serious tone, very serious plot, but the main character is hilarious.) However, I think having the ability to move a reader to tears of sadness is so hard. Sometimes, I purposely choose heartbreaking books. The best way to learn how to hone that skill is to experience it, right? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha One such main character being drafted, a progress in work lol☻☻
      I totally get what you mean by that its hard to write truly emotive stuff that drives the reader to tears…. unless you been through stuff or watched some one experience tear jerking moments…..
      Still I dont like messing with my feels, I am all sunshine and laughter (mostly) sometimes the rain does come but we dance in the puddles.


      Liked by 1 person

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