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And its a Wednesday!!!!! So this and every Wednesday in one of my blogging circles Blog Indaba The meeting place we pick one blogger to crush on and hype them up all over the interwebs because blogging means community^_^

Blog Indaba

creative crush

And today’s creative crush Nobuhle and her blog EthneticMe


So Nobuhle is a Dreamer | Extrodinaire  |  Believer

Her blog EthneticMe comes from a fusion of Authentic and Ethnic and everything there is sincerely from the heart. She started her blog as a place to heal following the unfortunate passing away of her father. With the support and encouragement from her brother it grew to become a space for her to be herself.

Her relationship is goals too her biggest fan is her husband!!!!

“Every time I am unsure about a post he reads through it for me and helps me with words”


My favourite post from her blog is You Can Always Edit A Bad Page But You Cant Edit A Blank Page The post is titled  after the quote from Jodi Picoult on a talk about habits of effective writers.

I have since learnt to write down the sentences and come up with a paragraph that will eventually turn into paragraphs and voila I have a story.


So that idea you have make today the day you start working on it dont leave your pages blank ♥♥♥♥♥

On what she would do differently if she could start all over again knowing what she knows now she says:

I would definitely write lots of content like maybe even 20 posts when inspiration hits, then space them out so when I am  going through a dry spell or too busy to write I always have content to upload

So do give her blog a look see and you can find her on the interwebs just search EthneticMe 

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PS Yeah, feel free to join our blogging fam all welcome ^_^





Of The Internet Of Things Startup Review

Three years ago a potential employer asked me to submit “a review” of an imaginary start-up tech company that utilised the internet of things…. I dont know if such tech exists because it should!!!! The firm never got back to me I decided to post the idea and hear your thoughts

The Internet of Things

internet of things

You know that feeling you get when you leave the house and suddenly think, “I left the iron on” maybe it is not the iron; it is the stove or kettle. Every time your phone rings, you think maybe it is the fire department calling you to say your house is on fire, it could even be so bad you either have to go home and check or you call someone to go to your house and check for you……

Then you should consider investing in the ******. This startup product was the brain child of a group of enterprising innovators tired of that same sinking feeling and wanted a cheap way to turn your home into a smart home; also the need to know as you are, if there is electricity at home or not; so you can make arrangements, like buy candles or fuel for the generator….

The **** is a one stop utility product which comes in three packages:

The **** Lite comes with a physical component that is installed on your Mains Circuit Board and an app that is installed on your phone. With the system in place, you can view your house electricity statistics and so tell which circuit breakers are live and consuming power and remotely trip the mains circuit from wherever you. With just a quick check you can tell if you the mains electricity feed is live or not.

internet of things  app

The **** Standard has the same set up as above but in addition, each power socket in the house is changed to specially designed sockets with micro-controllers and built-in surge protectors and you are able to track the electrical distribution to every appliance connected, so you can remotely switch on and off individual sockets and lights. Convenient for when you are away on holiday and you want your lights to go on and off like someone is home to deter burglars, if you are in bed and lazy to get up and switch off lights.

The **** Deluxe doubles up as a home security system because you can integrate sensors and detectors to the App, you get alerts if a particular sensor is tripped: bedroom window open and optional motion activated cameras that take videos of intruders a timer mode counting down to when the alarm goes off, in case of accidental trigger. For an extra premium you can have micro-controllers and sensors in your garden and lawn which automatically turn on sprinklers when the moisture levels are low and shut down when they reach acceptable levels


This startup is a stroke of brilliance has the potential to be a huge success in my opinion and has room to expand into more diverse uses with the advancement of technology and the internet of things.

The only drawback is that one would need a constant reliable high-speed internet connection at their house to stay connected and we are still at a time when affordable internet solutions are not as common as we would and so limiting the way ecommerce based startups can prosper.


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