Of Coffee, Mothering Sundays, Blogging Awards and Fans

If you were having coffee with I would greet you and ask if for a second you thought it was Mother’s day and you were wondering if your calendar is broken? Well it’s not Mother’s day its Mothering Sunday (falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent) Its celebrated almost exactly like mother’s day except that its origins are steeped in religion. On this day a very long time ago folk used to return to their mother church; the church where they got baptised and later it become the day people let their housekeepers go to church and then eventually turned into a day celebrating motherhood … Happy Mothering Day to all the mothers, you are forces of nature!!!

If you were having coffee I would tell I attended an Influencer’s Cocktail event which was also an awards ceremony for Zimbabwean  content creators Zim blogging awards. The event and the awards were created to bring recognition to bloggers and also try to engage brands and corporates to make use of the services of bloggers and their online influence in a mutually beneficial relationship.

zim blog awards

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that awards are always tricky things especially inaugural awards. I felt they put too much value on the influence aspect and more a popularity contest than properly doing tribute to online content creators; with a flawed voting system allowing people to vote unlimited times, I was tempted to also vote for myself multiple times. But hey we gotta start somewhere; call it a learning curve and hopefully next time they will be bigger and better……..

If you were having coffee with me; I would tell you that the best part of the day was meeting people who would recognise you from your blog; to meet real people not your family and friends who actually read your blog and love your blog, the feeling is priceless, for a second you feel like you famous. The highlight of the day was when I met someone who had also been at the International Women day event I wrote about HERE in my previous post, telling me how they appreciate and I quote “men who love women” and thanked me for the support…. Little things like that, that’s what keep me going. If you are out there reading this Thank YOU.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell that suddenly I’m feeling festive Lets Do The March Blog Party whoop whoop: I’ll share some of my favourite posts from my favourite female bloggers because #PressForProgress go show them some love and in the comments below share a link to a post of yours you want read don’t forget to read posts from others and when you comment on a post you found from my blog sign off by saying With Compliments From The Muse so one can tell from whence they found your blog post. That’s pretty neat right? I promise to try to read every post you guys share…

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Of Picture It: International Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day

Every day is woman’s day on this space of mine especially this month of March. I pledge to #PressForProgress and Forge positive visibility of women



Yesterday I had the honour of being on the set of Picture It with Sibs Jolie hosting a special International  Women’s Day edition.

International women's day Picture it with SIbs

Picture It with Sibs

The panel was made up of remarkable women; who leave unique footprints in the space around them:

Candice Mwakalyelye, radio personality and newscaster

Candice Mwakalyelye


Pastor Catherine Magadzire Pastor and business woman

pastor catherine

Pastor Catherine Magadzire

Rachel Adams Life Coach, Leadership Developer and also a Breath Practitioner in training

Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams

I promised myself that I would play my part, even if my part is to be a fly on the wall; to observe and write down; to amplify voices in the way a writer can. I sat amidst a handful of other men in a roomful of women and I will confess though I didn’t know what to expect, but I did wonder if this is how women felt all the time, like must you ask for permission to simply be yourself, to be where you are, to belong, to be part of………….

At the rate we are moving; according to various studies; the gender gap will be closed in over 170 years. 170 years that’s how long it will take unless some serious changes happen to the way we have been taught to think and act.

gender equality

Candice mentioned that the world was never ready for the force that is women. (Well the world better start shaping up and taking notice stop being stifling) Candice said that before you hold yourself back from doing something ask yourself “whats the worst that could happen?” You could fail and  if you fail you learn, that’s experience; its also ok to be scared…..

You must constantly open yourself to new experience, learn and teach what you learn!

One of Candice’s goals is to make at least one person smile every day, she says for her it makes her that even if just for a little bit she has made that person feel better…………………….

Pastor Catherine Magadzire spoke on how we are all wonderfully and fearfully made creations. She said that we do not need to ask for permission to shine or to be the best of version of yourself. Pastor Magadzire is a pastor not because he her husband is one; her husband is titled pastor by marriage to her.

If a woman can make a home, can she not also run a business successfully??

Rachel Adams introduced herself as being from a small town and as with most small towns the dreams there are small. She still maintained that you should dare to be anything you want, to light that candle and courageously take your place in the world, and breathe properly while you are at it, you just might be surprised what a breathing exercise each morning could do for the quality of your life…..

Rachel made a thought provoking remark about how its not all about man holding back women but  that women should start fully being themselves; to stop thinking of themselves as just women but as human beings to proudly and unapologetically be who they should be….

We need to start having Courageous Conversations; saying what needs to be said and living with the consequences

Rachel shared a quote by Arundathi Roy:

“Another world is not only possible,

She is not only on her way .

On a quite day,

I can hear her breathing”



Ps At the end of the day what I took home is that if we strive to be the best human beings we could be and helped others to be their best selves, as a candle lights another, maybe gender parity could be achieved tomorrow….

Of Coffee, Women And Progress

If you were having coffee with me; I would greet you as a stranger who suddenly realises that amongst other strangers we are kindred spirits you and I. How alike yet totally unalike we are; which is probably why I enjoy our little visits. Please do feel at home, grab a cup of coffee or juice or whatever rocks your boat (……water, that’s what rocks boats)

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that its March, but of course you know this. I don’t know if its International Woman’s Month but I do know International Woman’s Day is on the 8th of March and in the USA, UK and Australia they  celebrate women’ s history month in march and Canada observes it in October. This March it might as well as be Women’s Month on over here; as I will be using this space to celebrate womanhood.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how I shall endeavour to bring the female narrative to my blog, featuring guest articles from ordinary women and the extraordinary things they do disguised as ordinary; book reviews, author interviews and other things I’ll just make up as I go along. Maybe I shall write a story from the female perspective I don’t think I have ever tried that…..

If you were having coffee with me I would tell I #PressForProgress

Press for progress

I will #PressForProgressTo kick start my March Goals, if you were having coffee with me I would tell you I had the privilege of attending Batsirai Chigama’s Gather The Children Book launch at  Alliance Français Harare.

gather the children book launch

gather the children Batsirai Chigama

Gather The Children is a self-published poetry anthology drawing inspiration mostly from her experiences and the prevailing socio-political climate.  During a live onstage interview she revealed delaying the book launch in October last year, fearing what could happen, how her book would be received but after a while you run out of metaphors to hide your anger behind, to break the silence…….

“……Silence was taught to our mothers

We rejected it at birth”

–excerpt from Daughters of Fire a poem from Gather The Children

Batsirai Chigama is a spoken word artist with years of stage experience and you can feel the vibe in her poetry. The poems in her book are meant to be spoken out aloud.

A selected few of the poems were performed during the launch alongside backing vocals and sound effects from Mangoma Percussion group. It was breathtaking; I wish you had been there, I wish I had a camera but then again maybe not; I was so busy being in the moment I would have probably forgot to press record….


The stage set was simply art; a bowl with candles burning, a vanity case full of old bearer cheque notes, a table hanging from the ceiling and a basket with a bow on the handle full of her books. Ah yes and there was a soul warming performance by Hope Masike.


If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you know what separates animals from angels? Its Art!!



PS even Johnnie Walker is celebrating women this month cheers:

Jane Walker


Photo Credit: Batsirai Chigama 

Hope Masike

Johnnie Walker

Becoming the muse #PressForProgress

Of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Review

Kingsman Golden Circle

Its been close to 3 years since the last Kingsman movie (my review Of sorts for it is can be found here: Kingsman Secret Service)

Finally got round to watching the sequel; released 22 September 2017. (where have I been?)

The events in the movie are about a year after the prequel, but to be honest after a three year wait I had forgotten the characters or what t expect I simply remembered I found the previous movie hilarious so I decided hey lets watch it…..

Check out the movie trailer:

Movie trailers can be so misleading and this is one of those cases where the trailer makes you expect so much more, than what you actually get; click bait.

Kingsman: The Golden circle opens with an action sequence which comes with a taxi ride fight scene, with a man with a robotic arm, a three car guns blazing chase climaxing into a fiery smart missile explosive device  thingie… cooling of with a plunge into a sewer so as not miss an important birthday dinner date……

In a plot reminiscent of Johnny English meets Get Smart meets James Bond; the entire Kingsman operatives get eliminated leaving only two agents Eggsy (Galahad) and Merlin to run “The Doomsday Protocol“; which is basically getting help from their hitherto unknown American counterparts known as Statesman.

kingsman meet statesman

If you ask me they should have named the film Kingsman: Meet The Statesman. Whilst the Kingsman are into the tailoring business as cover with a penchant for code names from Knights of the Round Table; Merlin; Galahad; Lancelot; the Statesman went into the whiskey making business and code names are somewhat alcohol based Champagne but call him Champ, Ginger Ale; Whiskey and Agent Tequila.

A couple of comic scenes highlight the differences in demure between the bespoke tailored British agents and their whiskey quaffing American agents but overally its mostly that dry British humor.

Keeping up in the spirit of having a villain whose absurd plans make sense albeit in a weird way; the villain this time is Miss Poppy an underground drug cartel boss

who is poppy adams

Who is Poppy Adams?

Intelligent, ambitious, ruthless, lacks empathy, superficial charm.

All the elements of a great CEO.

Or a psychopath.

…. who would hold the whole world at ransom for drugs to be legalized

Poppy, would you

pass the sugar, please?

POPPY: “Okay. But it’s really bad for you. Eight times more addictive than cocaine. Five times more likely to cause death.

But it’s legal… so, you go ahead.

Knock yourself out……”

…….I want freedom.

I want fame.

Our profits were 250 billion dollars last year. I am the most successful businesswoman in the world, but nobody knows who I am.”

I am not sure if the movie supports drug culture or not it seems to toe the line between saying drugs are evil drug users are criminals and that some are victims of circumstances

What I loved most about the first Kingsman was its highly quotable quips. In The Golden Circle there are not that many quips and at a length of 2hours 21 minutes the scenes tend to drag on, to the next outlandish action with the signature disturbing violence which earns it an R rating. You can’t help feel like they mashed up two movies into one and skipped some vital aspects in the process…..

Just know that having something to lose… is what makes life worth living.

When you watch a movie you are supposed to suspend disbelief but they went a little overboard with the CGI in this one giving it an almost cartoonish feel; if I wanted to watch cartoon I’d pick an anime

Its got quite the star-studded cast; Halle Berry is in it whoop whoop, I rather love Halle but they really should have done more as with her character; we wanted more than this:

AGent ginger ale

and Elton John is in it too (as himself) I had to check the credits just to make sure it was him and if they kidnapped him like they kidnapped his character to appear in the movie

Should you watch it????? Yes at least once, especially if you have nothing else to watch it is good for a laugh or two, I rate it 4 triangles out of 7 squares good luck figuring that out.

If you watched it what are your thoughts?


and they just had to redo this scene:

manners maketh man

ooooh and one of the my memorable characters dies NOOO but at the rate this movie franchise works I wouldnt be surprised to see them back from the dead in the next sequel………..

As one of our founding Kingsman once said…
this is not the end.
It is not even the beginning of the end.
But it is, perhaps,
the end of the beginning


Of Ammara Brown’s Ammartia Launch

Finally its here:

ammartia Ammara brown

Ammartia tracklist ammara brown

Ammara Brown’s album Ammartia is out. It was launched at a colourful event at The Venue in Avondale Harare. This was after a 25 day media countdown where each day the Barefoot Goddess dropped a themed image on her social media accounts to drumming up support for her album.

day 25 ammartia

barefoot goddess ammara brown

ammara brown

ammara brown

Its a creative marketing tactic I havent seen yet, simple and brilliant though it could have done with a bit more tweaking up to keep it interactive and relative to the album, some days it felt like spam, some days I fell in love but hey it worked the tickets to the launch sold out!!!!

Ammartia album sold out

I would probably not have gone to the launch, priced at $10 a pop, because adulting and acting my wage but I randomly answered a Twitter word puzzle from one company sponsoring the launch Zark and I dared and I won.

killer T Winky D Lady Squanda Boom Beto Few kings Jah Signal Freeman  XQ Judgement yard Ammara and John Cole


Quick shout out to Zark for the tickets and their support of the Zim local art scene.


The Venue

The Venue Avondale Harare

I love the name of the this place, The Venue. Its hilarious and yet commanding The Venue

I can visualise many conversations along these lines:

“Where will the event be held?”

“The Venue”

“Yes, where?”

“The Venue”

“Yes where is the venue”

“The place is called The Venue”

Its as priceless as a bar in Harare called the The Usual Place. See you at The Usual Place. *cue laughter*

The Venue is really nice spot that’s where we had the WordCamp Harare after party…


I don’t know why every time I go there the word All-white party comes to mind. I have never been on a boat (not counting those barges you ride on the Zambezi River at the Victoria Falls) A luxury boat or a yacht if you want to be fancy something about the design and decor of The Venue just screams yacht I love it and I dont know why…..

The venue avondale harare

Ammara Brown aced that launch, her dance moves are epic, she has got so much energy where does she get it, and how many hours of practice goes into that choregraphy, *tips hat* and who does that hair though!!!!

Amarra Brown

I didnt stay for too long at the launch because I was going to turn into a pumpkin like in the Cinderella story..

On the way home we took a short left to go see if the infamous Zodwa Wabantu was perfoming at the Private Lounge, for you know research purposes. Most people (in Zimbabwe) had probably never heard of Zodwa(from South Africa) until she was banned from perfoming at the Harare International carnival because her act was deemed too raunchy. Zodwa real name (Zodwa Rebecca Libram) is a self styled au naturel afficionado who has openly confessed to not wearing panties because they are restrictive… *cue runaway imaginations*

Zodwa WaBantu Feathers Award Drama Queen of the year

Well this Friday she cancelled her act (again) maybe because she was busy winning the drama queen of the year award at the Feathers Awards, hate her or love she gets R40 000 per appearance….

And this is still my favourite Amarra Brown track havent gone through the whole album yet




Ammara Brown Visuals courtsey of Ammara Brown

The Venue Photo Courtsey of Tripadvisor

Zodwa Wabantu The Kakaki Africa

Of Remembering Lucky Dube

Remembering an African Legend

Lucky Dube

It’s been 10 years since the death of African reggae legend Lucky Dube. He was shot and killed in the attempted hijacking of his vehicle on the night of 18 October 2007 in the suburb of Rosettenville, Johannesburg, South Africa. Apparently the carjackers thought he was a foreign national they caught and sentenced to life in prison.

An icon was robbed of his life, a family its father, a continent and the world lost a reggae legend.

I grew up listening to reggae music. My father was an avid fan he had vinyl record collections of Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear and played them on his Supersonic stereo system. He was a conscious man. Reggae music has never been just music it’s the voice for the conscious, it’s the voice for those who have none, the voice  of society’s conscience ……

And then along came Lucky Dube inspired by the likes of Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff he embraced the reggae music sound, he owned it, and used it to tell his story, to tell Africa’s story, the socio-political struggle that was his reality. He spoke against apartheid, racism and discrimination; he sang about unity.

His music was relevant not just to South Africa (where at some point his music was banned by the then apartheid government)  but to the continent, it resonated deep with his fans.

Every where in the world
People are fighting for freedom
Nobody knows what is right
Nobody knows what is wrong
The black man say it's the white man
The white man say it's the black man
Indians say it's the coloureds
Coloureds say it's everyone
Your mother didn't tell you the truth
Cause my father didn't tell me the truth
Nobody knows what is wrong
And what is right

One of his tracks is called Remember Me.

I remembered him the only way I know how. I remember as a young lad watching his music on a TV. Watching this dread-locked musician singing about being a prisoner, singing about different colours one people or why we can’t live together as one? I was not old enough to fully understand the impact of his lyrics but even then I knew there was something profound going on… well we weren’t living together then we still not entirely getting along today; even today…..

His music was breaking barriers, transcending genres and cultures going beyond the realm of simply reggae music, evolving, bridging gaps and unifying different races into one people.

What happens when reggae music meets an orchestra? Symphonic Reggae  that’s what you get. Here is a performance by the National Chamber Orchestra arranged and conducted by Michael Hankinson Featuring Lucky Dube Live in Concert 5/1/98

I wish there could have been more of this.

The University Of Pretoria Symphony conducted by Gerben Grooten performed a touching tribute to symphonic reggae, in the Musaion Perfomance Hall at the University on the 29th of May 2015……

Gallo Records South Africa the record label which he was signed under (initially Teal Records before it got incorporated into Gallo) released a 25 track Commemorative Album titled The Times We’ve Shared

Limited Edition Commemorative Album Lucky Dube

Links to purchase or listen online to the album can be found HERE.

Born on the 3rd of August 1964 his mother named Lucky; because his was a fortuitous birth after several failed pregnancies.

Lucky Dube’s legacy lives on, not only in our hearts but through his children Nkulee and Thokozani who have picked up microphones and celebrate their right to live on a musical stage  ….

We are lucky to have been blessed with this star

Lucky Dube

3 August 1964 – 18 October 2007


WE Remember You


Images courtesy of Gallo Records South Africa


Of The Voice Of Music

What is music? Beats, bars and notes fused together into a rhythm so much more than its sum total.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

-Bob Marley

The soul of music

I think man has had music in his life from when he could first talk, before that even; when he could not talk only hum and grunt or even way back from that moment when out of curiosity he clapped his hands for the first time…..

Music was our first voice, our first story…..

Here is a free tip: if you want to predict whether a song will be a hit…. Play it for kindergarten toddlers, if they start dancing, without anyone telling them to dance, you have yourself a chart topper……. simple

Music is the first voice you hear, I don’t mean the words to a song but the song and its story in all its entirety; how it all blends in and makes you feel… that voice….. And then we grow up, we start trying to pay more attention to the lyrics, to make sense of them, or the beat and trying to dance to impress, like someone is watching…

Are you surprised, you willalways look back on music from yester-year and say, that’s when they made good music….?

Music is dynamic, music changes but the voice is always the same you grow up and cant hear it anymore.

I remember this old song barely but my sisters loved it, when it played they danced their little hearts out it. I used to pick them up after school and we would walk home and this one day the song was playing loudly from the speakers outside a shop, we stopped and they danced. A small crowd of people gathered, they even threw money…..

Ndochi by Papa Jose…… shamwari tamba iwe (dance my friend)

No party was complete without this song.

Growing up, waiting impatiently for Thursday nights, because that’s when ZBC TV showed the music program, Mvenge Mvenge; Mutinhimira weMimanzi Ezomugidho (translates to The Sound of Music) My brothers recorded the good stuff on the VCR so we could watch again and again.

James Chimombe and John Chibadura were popular favourites. Years later I am all grown up and I realise some of the songs had a weird touch of melancholy they sang about death, heartbreak and loss and we danced to it on Christmas holidays.

As a country I don’t think we have had a particularly distinct music sound that is ours and ours alone,  the most popular genre Sungura started as a spin-off from the popular rhumba ndombolo music from the DRC.

In the late 90s the government instituted a media blanket which only allowed airplay of 100% local content, partly to help boost and encourage the local music and others less benevolent reasons. It left a void for those who loved western type music hip hop, the rhythm and blues, and the gap was filled by a genre of music called Urban Grooves.

Artists who rose to fame then were David Chifunyise and a collection of artists from his Shamiso records studio and the man who did the beats Delani Makhalima

David Chifunyise – Tauya Naye

And then there Pax Afro a group sponsored by the then Minister of information and publicity who was the writer and composer of the songs too, the jingles were catchy though

Let it play – Pax Afro

One of my all time favourite local songs Chidzoka by Rocquie

I will still dance to this.!!!

And today a new genre is talking over inspired by dancehall music from Jamaica. Zim Dancehall to the world, its fast paced, the new youth culture, the new voice of music….Popular Artists  include Soul Jah love, Tocky Vibes, Bounty Lisa, Winky D

I love music by Jah Prayzah, I don’t know what genre his music is but he has various local award and nominations.

Hello – Jah Prayzah


And it my list would not be complete if I did not mention Oliver Mtukudzi, he has been churning out hits from before I was born… and still going strong, now that is legendary!!!

Oliver Mtukudzi

We are born loving music and dancing,…..then innocence is lost



PS How could I forget to mention this song, I really loved it and I was gravely crashed while looking it up to find out that’s it’s a cover….

Rusike Brothers – Cecelia

Day 7 Blog Everyday Challenge

photo Credit Oliver Mtukudzi

Of A Day Not Easily Forgotten

Once in your life, you must attend a concert, properly. Not sneaking out and telling lies to your parents that you are going to an all night prayer or a study session and constantly looking over your shoulder to see if any suspiciously parental guidance people are not looking for you.

A concert everyone knows you are going to, whom you going with and how you are coming back home; cause these events have a misleading habit of having posters that say till late but late is usually around two or three in the morning and not a taxi in sight….. And if you love to dance, I recommend a rhumba concert.

I remember the first one I want to. A rhumba outfit that hails from DRC had come to perform their act in Masvingo for the first time, at Charles Austin Theater.

Extra Musica of the Etat Major hit song

Although this is the first concert I admit to going, I confess experience had taught me that beverages at concerts tend to be ridiculously overpriced and they usually wont let you bring your own. So prudence would dictate you imbibe in your beverage of choice before you go and then you only buy one of the outrageously priced ones and sip on that all night, unless of course you come from money…..

being young wild and free

If it’s a concert you planned to go ahead of time, buy your tickets in advance they are usually cheaper and getting in will be easier than trying to pay at the gate or door. It will save you a world of grief and possibly getting robbed at the pressure to get in. Also only carry money that you intend to spend anyway, so if you do get pickpocketed its inconvenient but not the end of the world, and you might want to live your phone behind…..  but who will take the awesome pictures???

Take mental pictures, a phone is a distraction really.

Rhumba music has this vibe, the music plays and you just have to dance, you don’t even know the words but you dance anyway…. There is something primal about the rhythm… and then they perform your favourite song:

Dance like no one is watching

Dance like no one is watching

I don’t how, I don’t know when, but suddenly I found myself on the stage dancing, doing the same routine as the dance ensemble…. It was crazy.

I was Fire, I mean fire is my totem, but  I was on Fire, or as they call it these days LIT, and everyone was cheering. The song was repeated, again not once, not twice but three times….. When I got back into the crowd people thought I was surprise guest performer, I didn’t confirm but I certainly didn’t deny it. I greeted people in badly pronounced French and they thought I was a foreigner….  It was a nightly I can barely remember with people I can hardly forget. .

Going back home was a slight bit of drama since I couldn’t find my particulars and I came quite close to being deported as I tried to explain that I really wasn’t a foreigner until my brother came to the rescue, he had my wallet and ID in his safekeeping, I don’t remember if he said or didn’t say the words “I am my brother’s keeper” or maybe….. it wass only in my head?

Family Rocks.

What was the first concert you went to?


PS That night I had complimentary drinks served to me for being a good sport, and recently I shared part of this story on my twitter feed and it earned me first prize on #GoldenPilsenerGo4Gold share a crazy story challenge hosted by @DannythatGuy

….. Good memories have a habit of staying great.

Day 6 of the blog everyday challenge

Of A WordPress WordCamp


The WordPress local community helps host monthly meetups which culminate into a WordCamp annual event, in countries across the globe. The WordCamp event is gaining ground in Africa, its been held in the following African countries and their respective cities: South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town); Kenya (Nairobi), Zimbabwe(Harare).

What is A WordCamp?

Have you ever heard of one, a WordCamp? I was not aware of them until late 2016, when I came across a link on my twitter feed. It was an invitation to attend the first Wordcamp held in Zimbabwe; Harare.  I searched it up on the internet and I was instantly fascinated.

A WordCamp, is a local WordPress Conference for people from all walks of WordPress. The event is usually scheduled into various Speaker Sessions with interactive question and answer segments at the end of each session.

Who and why should you attend?

The WordCamp conference caters for everyone, from web developers, designers and various professionals to even the occasional blogger…..you get to learn first hand from real people talking about the things they are doing, things you are doing or thinking of doing too…..

There is always something for everyone.

Even outside of the Speaker Sessions, the networking opportunities are priceless, you really never know who you will meet there, or what inspiring idea you will pick up.

And there is always Swag, you can truly say I been there I done that, I got the T-shirt……..

beaton Wordcamp harare 2016 tshirt

Also There Is AN After Party!!! You know what they say about All  work and no play. WordCamps usually conclude with an after party……..

My Experience at one

It was an awesome fun-filled event filled with lots of learning…. you can read my highlights from WordCamp Harare 2016 here

If you get a chance to attend one, do!!!

When and where?

Cape Town, South Africa; The River Club 22-23 0ctober 2017 #WCCT2017

Harare, Zimbabwe; Hellenic Academy 4 November 2017  WordCampHarare2017

Nairobi, Kenya; Michael Joseph Center 4-5 November WordCampNairobi2017


PS If you are attending WordCamp Harare; you just might see me there.

A few pics from WordCamp Harare 2016

WordCamp Harare 2016


WordCamp Harare 2016



Of The Death Note Movie: A Review

 Death Note Live Action Movie

Netflix recently released the Death Note Live Action Movie.

Death Note Opening title

It is an Americanised rendition somewhat based on the Japanese comic and anime series by the same name. You can find my review of the anime series here.

I saw the trailer for the movie whilst still watching the anime series and from that alone I could tell that, there would be changes, and I probably wouldn’t like them……. In exactly the way most movie adaptations are never quite like the books…… there’s always changes.

I watched the movie with a fairly open mind although I had braced myself for disappointment….. and here are my thoughts;

Warning: This may contain spoilers

Death Note is a pseudo-super anti-hero movie that follows the life of Light Turner. A teen who winds up with a notebook that causes anyone whose name is written in it to die…

Death Note rule one the human whose name is written in this note shall die

the human whose name is written in this note shall die

He cooks up a crazy plan (starting with an individual responsible for his mother’s death) to rid the world of people “who make life miserable, make like life dangerous“…..

When he asks his love interest if she thinks he is crazy

death note scene Do you think I am crazy

Do you think I am crazy?


and her classic reply is “…..you are not crazy enough…”

if anything I think you are not crazy enough

if anything I think you are not crazy enough

Predictably the authorities try to find and stop him, and they enlist the help of  mad genius consultant trained from age 6 to become a super detective….. I know we should suspend disbelief but …..

anyhoo moving on it becomes a cat and mouse chess game…..


The lines of good, evil and lesser evil are blurred crossed and recrossed, to a twisted conclusion that ends up in a cliff hanger that can only lead to one thing A SEQUEAL.

As a standalone movie, I think it’s a fairly decent thriller movie, with some disturbing splashes of gore as characters get offed rather graphically, makes me wonder what the age restriction is. If you haven’t watched the anime version you might even get to really like the movie although the plot races by super-fast as they try to develop a plot that’s explained in 37 anime episodes into one feature film, you might get lost here and there.

If like me, you watched and loved the anime…. The sheer incredulity of the makers of this movie makes you want to, write their names in a death note maybe not that extreme but still….

here’s a few changes I noted;

-The original series is based in Japan and the main character is called Light Yagami, in the movie they are in America and the lead character is called Light Turner but in both they use the pseudo name Kira as the killer’s alias. The movie was made a for different audience from the original but it still feels like a betrayal of the original Japanese anime and one can see how some communities would be outraged at it being “Americanized.”

–The back story to the quirky candy-loving genius consultant in the movie is a bit over the top and doesn’t get explained properly maybe that’s why a sequel is coming…… and he just didn’t quite pull off the quirks we had come to love and laugh at in the series…..

–The love interest, was completely new character Mia and her character is under developed, who is she? where is from? what’s her story?, why is she the way she is?……. I rather liked the original love interest Misa Amane and hated Light for the way he manipulated her emotions to get her to do what he wanted….

-They played around with so many of the rules and concepts of the death note and shinigami realm it was hard to keep track…… death note rules.png

They didn’t do the Shinigami eyes and Anyone who touches a death note should be able to see the Death Note God and they tried to make Ryuk a Shinigami death god who haunts whoever owns the death Note, seem like a super untrustworthy devious character who dare care much for Light and I didn’t care much for that…..

text in death note Don’t trust Ryuk he is not your pet he is not your friend’

‘Don’t trust Ryuk he is not your pet he is not your friend’

On a side note William Dafoe plays the strange being oh so well though……..

Ryuk is prononced ree-yook

It’s pronounced Ree-yook

That said if you haven’t watched it and asked me if you should watch it… yes or no

YES watch it……


PS have you watched it… would you watch it…. what are your thoughts?

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All Images screen grabs courtesy of Netflix Channel