Of Coffee And The Untimely Visitor

If you were having coffee with me, I would say it is a pleasure having you here. I may not tell you enough or at all that when you drop by for a visit and we chat; sometimes you say a word or two sometimes I do all the talking; I appreciate you.

g0agdOne must always let people know how much they are appreciated because…. Life has a funny way of unravelling even the best laid out plans. That’s life, It Happens and it goes on……

fragile things

Fragile things

God’s a connoisseur of fragile things and decorates His cloudy outlook with ornaments of finest glass

Dr Sleep, Stephen King

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I have just come back from my friend’s funeral. It is hard to bury a friend, but even harder to watch a parent bury their child. A parent’s grief is heartbreaking.

My friend was one of those outgoing people who easily made friends with people and so the funeral was well-attended; considering burial was at an out of the way farm they recently resettled to. Getting there was quite the adventure, since we didn’t know the directions and the driver and conductor of the bus we took; had never heard of the bus stop we would get off….

By a stroke of luck strangers also in the bus, going somewhere else, happened to overhear our conversation and knew my late friend’s family; they weren’t going to the funeral, hadn’t even heard of the death. They gave us directions, of where to and how we would walk when we got off the bus. We left them quite distraught that they couldn’t come with us and asked us to pay respect on their behalf.

If I learnt anything, it’s that things have a way of working out, our life is littered with many coincidences, maybe its fate, destiny, karma or simply The Lord’s mysterious ways.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that my friend used to joke that they would rather have a party at their funeral and liquor to poured on their graves than have tears shed for them. So we had a colourful send off as we paid our last respects. If it wasn’t for the coffin sticking out as a stark reminder of the untimely visitor who waits for each of us at the end of our path….one would not have been faulted for thinking people were singing and dancing at a party. A few feathers might have been ruffled as the older generation felt the younger generation was hijacking tradition and turning what’s supposed to be a somber affair, into a circus and that the liquor might have been flowing a little too freely, but all in all I think everything worked out; it usually does.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I was shocked to learn of the death of Chester Bennington from the Linkin Park Band. I heard the news in a car I got a lift from; coming from my friend’s burial, death never takes a vacation….

I have been a huge Linkin Park from when I listened to their debut album Hybrid Theory almost 17 years ago; and it was an escape and an outlet for all the words inside I had never said, and now, now I write.

Chester Bennington’s death was a suicidal hanging after battling addiction and depression. Mental health awareness is something that must be spread people, are out there fighting a darkness within and no one ever realises it; not until its too late.

Once upon a time I wrote this: Of The Strong Silent Man



Linkin Park has launched a tribute website Chester.linkinpark.com with links to help you; In case you or someone you know needs support…

If you are in Zimbabwe Click here to  see a post with local places you can find free support and counselling

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that you must always be reaching out to your friends because you never know, a simple “hello; how are you doing…” could save a life.


PS The first thing I did when I got home was to check my garden I have gone for a couple of days and I kept wondering how the plants in my garden were doing since I wasn’t there to  water them…. I guess they are growing on me…

onions and carrots



Photocredit: chester.linkinpark  Dj Khaled


Of weekend coffee share and thunderstorms

coffee mugs

If you were having coffee with me I would say “hey, it has been ages since, remember the last time.” I would invite you to sit on the verandah and watch the afternoon thunderstorm. The weatherman forecasted, cloudy with a chance of rain. I would tell you how, growing up I used to fear that if I was wearing red I would get struck by lightning.
Now I know better but try catching me wearing red during a really violent storm. Passion Rules Reason: Wizard’s Third Rule

If you were having coffee with me it would not be coffee we were having it would be tea, herbal tea.

tea milk and sugarThe tea leaves are in the container for the powdered milk and if you take sugar, there is brown sugar in the old coffee jar. I love brown sugar its flavour reminds me of playing in sugar cane fields as child. The powdered milk is in the bottle for salad cream, just dont confuse it with salt. The salt, is in the bottle for mayonnaise. I will confess, I have done that before, that was an interesting cookery accident.

What’s been happening with you I would ask. Yes I am interested in everything going on with you because nothing interesting has been happening with me, unless you count the stuff which happens only in my head.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how I have come to the realization that I am a social media junkie with extreme fear of missing out.
I have a digital addiction. I think I am a permanent guest in the Hotel California that is social media I can log out any time I want, but I can never ever leave.

I have a Facebook account (but that’s mainly to keep in touch with my family and friends)
I have a Twitter account (now that’s for fun and none of my facebook “friends” know my twitter handle or so I tell myself)
I have instagram and pinterest.
I have a goodreads account for my reading list and reviews. We can compare books read if you are interested, and sometime over coffee we can exchange reviews.
I have a twitter for giggles and drafts and sharing my blog.
I’d ask you to drink your tea, before it gets cold, and that you please have another slice of bread, as I am just getting to the best part.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that my blog, well that’s for Me ^_^
Selfishly me.
I write down the thoughts in my head because they look better when written, sound better read and to make space for new crazier thoughts.
And the blogging community is like no other. I used to use the notes tab on my Facebook as a blog or drafts folder of sorts and to my dismay most of the comments (if any) where along lines of… “This looks interesting but way too long will finish later…” or “dude you crazy”

Then I discovered WordPress I didn’t even realise I was blogging, (I know right) It was just a somewhere to leave my words and read other people’s and was surprised to discover they in turn (not all but most) would read mine back, and comment, (sometimes) what larks ^_^
The rain has started to pour in earnest. Isn’t it lucky I was lazy to do the laundry today I would ask you.

(hmmm if we were having coffee I would tell how I have just decided that in my next post I want to do a blogging journey post, and I hope you will stop by to see how it goes)

If we were having coffee I would tell you when the weatherman said an afternoon thunderstorm was expected I said to myself Ooooooh I didn’t know the sky was pregnant, I shall have coffee with a friend and watch the birth of a storm. I would tell you my new favorite word Petrichor which means the scent of the earth after the rain especially after a long dry spell.
I’d say let’s count the heartbeats between each lightning strike and thunder clap, then just watch the rain falling until it stopped.
It always stops after awhile, storms don’t last forever.


Digital addiction

I’m from the new age nation,
A social network creation,
With digital addiction,
a notification,
is the cue to start conversation.
One new message received,
One new retweet
I have a Crush on Candy,
I am her winner,
I post pics of my dinner,
I am a FarmVille farmer.
I get 55 likes and 22 shares,
I think everyone cares.
I make fun of your status I am a joker,
With superior grammar,
my friend’s a transformer,
their profile pic is a car,
just like bumble bee,
Unique reminds me of me.
I complain it’s too hot,
and than hate on the cold.
I am a big shot,
I’ve been told,
so my selfies are old,
And my dreams are too bold.
I took down my profile pic,
and tomorrow I’ll repost it,
Will you like it?
I used to make phone calls,
but now I’ll inbox,
And send you jokes.
All of it original posts,
But secretly hope my quotes,
are never traced,
cause I accepted applause,
For a copy and paste.
My relationship is a status,
my profile pics are the baddest,
My imagination the wildest,
I could be anyman,
I’m Clark Kent,
“S” on my chest
I’m Superman,
with cape on my back,
I checked into KFC,
and snapped a pic,
of someone else’s dessert,
Posted it as mine,
not even one like,
My confidence is shaken,
I smoke digital narcotics,
My drugs weigh an Instagram,
this hippie’s electronic.
Hash browns wrapped in hashtags,
The hashtag man in a hashtag world.
We can only be friend’s if my request was accepted,
I’m back on the FaceBook,
Five seconds after I left it.
I’m on the network now,
I wrote you a message,
The lil green dot says you are online,
The time stamp says seen at nine, Yet you never reply any of mine,
You were always outspoken,
And I am heartbroken.
Is there is another,
you would rather,
I am devastated.
I am sophisticated,
My status is a relationship and its complicated.
My last post is feeling lonely at home,
Am I ever alone?
A stranger says hello
And another laughs aloud,
Is this cyber world a place,
more real than home space,
Phones and computers,
whispering loudly,
In capital letters,
telling secrets boldly,
to everyone only,
and to noone also,
In capital letters,
New Notification,
Friend request verification,
Online toast Cheers,
Drinking virtual beers,
with virtual friends,
at virtual events,
nothing but a username,
And a profile image,
Sending bits of bytes
Of this and that,
Pixels and data,
To other users.
Are you,
Like me,
A computer too?,
Or are you like me a spectator?,
Prove you are self aware and you matter,
Then write me a letter,
call me and lets chatter,
Before I forget to use my voice,
The new age geek,
Who forgot to speak,
And became a program
With a chip for a brain.