Of Coffee, Rain And Blogging Everyday

Of Coffee, rain and blogging everyday

If you were having coffee with me, we would be watching the rain drizzle and it would be a welcome delight; it’s been such a hot past couple of days, I have been contemplating digging a pond in the backyard, so I could sit and chill like the fish that is my star sign.

The rain seems to mark an end to the chapter of September and the blog everyday challenge I have been doing themed Africa Stories from home. The reason I picked this theme can be summarised in a footnote I read on Mpho Mashita’s blog

Here’s to our heritage and preserving it for future generations! Legacy cannot only be financial, may we be committed to building a legacy of our culture as well.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that that this is post 27 of my blog everyday challenge which means I am three posts behind, 27 out of 30 is a 90% pass mark that’s not too bad right? Unforeseeable challenges come up, like there was a time when we had an electricity blackout for three days and the other time my internet service provider had network challenges and in between that the were days I had  to babysit my nephew.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I have a new found respect for “mummy” bloggers, imagine trying to write a post with a whole young human being demanding your attention, the yoghurt spills and sticky fingers. In a totally related issue I would also tell you that I now know why the YouTube videos with the most views are the ones for children’s nursery rhymes; you simply press play and the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round all day long…..

baby sitter

Also now my YouTube video recommendations are full of children’s rhymes.


What have I learned from this blogging challenge

  • Life will get in the way but have back up plans
    • The schedule function is a lifesaver, your posts can upload while you are away
    • The email post function also helps to post on the go
  • In my head it takes 30seconds to complete a post but in reality it takes way longer
  • When you get an idea for a post write it down, memory is such a fickle thing.
  • A challenge is called a challenge for a reason its not easy

There’s three more posts due and they will becoming awooah

If you can blog consistently,
come rain or shine
if you have a writing schedule,
and posting on time
if you can write while the world spins wildly around you,
if you can hold courageous conversations, 
outside of your comfort zone
and post selfies of your naked soul
then and only then can you hold your head high when you call yourself a blogger my friend…

If you were having coffee with me I would wish you all the best in October and I would thank you for the visits, oh look the rain has stopped since neither of us has an umbrella I suggest you run…..


PS Day 27 Africa Stories from Home

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Of Somebody Else’s Problem

Of somebody else’s problem

An SEP (Somebody else’s problem) is something we can’t see, or don’t see, or our brain doesn’t let us see, because we think that it’s somebody else’s problem. That’s what SEP means. Somebody Else’s Problem. The brain just edits it out, it’s like a blind spot.

If you are not a fan, which I am of Douglas Adams’s book Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy A Trilogy in four parts then you may not be familiar with how the origin of the phrase….

Someone Else's Problem Field


“Somebody Else’s Problem field, or SEP, is a cheap, easy, and staggeringly useful way of safely protecting something from unwanted eyes. It can run almost indefinitely on a torch (flashlight)/9 volt battery, and is able to do so because it utilises a person’s natural tendency to ignore things they don’t easily accept, like, for example, aliens at a cricket match. Any object around which an S.E.P. is applied will cease to be noticed, because any problems one may have understanding it (and therefore accepting its existence) become Somebody Else’s. An object becomes not so much invisible as unnoticed”

Life,The Universe and Everything Douglas Adam HITCHHIKER’s GUIDE TO THE GALAXY

But here’s the thing somebody else’s problem has a way of coming back and causing quite a stink which one cant ignore……

There used to be this skinny mangy looking dog that would terrorise our trash can and rip out the big black plastic trash bags we left out for the rubbish man to collect. Trash collection day is supposed to be every Thursday morning. Way back when the city fathers ran an efficient service delivery system,  you knew if you left your trash out at 7 in the morning like clockwork by 8 in the morning the garbage truck would have passed and the streets would be empty and it was beautiful.

Now I guess refuse removal services are not on their list of priorities I guess they have more pressing concerns like trying to prevent water borne disease outbreaks reclaiming the CBD from the street vendors who have invaded the city pavements

harare vendors

Of course they say service delivery is poor because rate payers are not paying rates and naturally the rate payers refuse to pay for poor or non-delivered services  and so we have what we have.

You leave the trash outside and sometimes they come and collect, if they don’t you could brave it out and leave the trash outside, until they eventually get round to coming maybe in a week maybe more; or you could carry your trash right back into the yard otherwise stray dogs will come and have a field day; all your rubbish scattered on the driveway for the whole neighborhood to see.

So there was this stray, a mangy dog skinny, kinda crazy eyed and slightly foaming at the mouth, I never made eye contact with it, they sense fear. That’s what I read somewhere. It would to terrorise the whole neighbourhood, and we had to figure out innovative ways of securing and disposing of our trash until the trashman eventually made an appearance.

Whose dog was it? I don’t know it wasn’t my problem.

Notice how I use past tense when I mention the dog, that there was this stray dog, that’s because one day not too long ago, some speeding motorist ran over it, who didnt see it because it wasnt his problem ended its streak of tyranny, didnt even slow down or stop just kept speeding on and before it died, in one final act of defiance, the dog crawled and died right across from my gate. I guess somehow it must have heard me curse as I cleaned up after an episode of its rampant ravaging of the trash “someone do me a favour and put that dog out of my misery

Well, now there it was dead and just outside my gate, too.

dead dog

Somebody should take care of that I thought, but it aint my dog and I didnt run over it. “Its somebody else’s problem” I thought as I walked right past it.

I walked past the dead dog and I did not see it. I did not see it decompose a little each day I didn’t even as much as spare it a thought as it changed into a rotten carcass, stinking up the neighborhood, I didn’t see it but I could smell it, the putrid stench of decay and after a while not even that because it wasn’t my problem, it was somebody else’s problem……. I suppose it eventually decomposed away or whatever. Does this story sound familiar?

There’s a somewhat stinky moral in there somewhere. Half the problems and challenges we are facing these days are that no one steps in because its somebody else’s problem, you walk past a long queue of people waiting to get just a little bit of cash from the bank but that’s not your problem because the central reserve bank is your personal bank, you walk past a child too young to be in the street and you keep walking because its somebody else’s problem, you walk past a group of people being abusive to someone else, and well…. Its somebody else’s problem.

I am not saying we should walk around not minding our own business and butting into everything and anything but maybe we should. The first step is simply stopping and pointing out to someone else, this is a problem what should we do about it?………….

What happens when a generation who wont ask for help because they cannot admit being wrong or that things aren’t working out meets a generation who won’t stop to help because well its not their problem…….

its NOT someone else's problem


Day five of my blog everyday challenge





Of My Blog Resolutions

Resolutions: The Journey So Far. Day Five of The #FEBlog blog every day challenge.

  • One of my resolutions was to blog more and what more than a blogging everyday challenge to jump start the year….. Day Five and not out.
  • I also want to maintain and increase an active network of bloggers. So every once in a while (depending on its initial success) I will host The Muse Blog Party;

  • this is when I will share a blogroll of articles from bloggers I interact with.
  • If you are interested: let’s get this party started, here is how it will work; in the comments drop the link to an article of yours past or present you think fellow bloggers (and me also) should check out (I promise to read every link.. eventually
  • Follow up on the comments posted and read at least one post from a link posted by another blogger and when you comment sign off at the bottom ~With Compliments from B and me (your name)

  • I have been neglecting a creative writing tag of mine where I write a story and the reader picks how the story proceeds… starting this Friday I will be resuming it; if you are a curious cat, you can catch up on the story so far at this link…..
  • To self host my blog or to upgrade to a premium wordpress plan… decisions decisions but we certainly going up notch
  • Ah yes also I’ll be doing more posts on how to amp up your blogging game, stay tuned. I have just made myself an expert.
  • Blogger Meet Ups! ! ! ! ! ! ! Coming soon.

~B PS And I owe Mable a letter…. I am completing this resolution on Wednesday!

Of Blogging Every Day


For the past month I have been part of a team of bloggers who pledged to blog every day for the month of September.

One of the objectives of this challenge was simply to see whether it could be done or not, in the way some one climbs to the top of the highest mountain and then when you get to the top you find another mountain to climb.

standing top of mountain clip art

You look like ants from up here

The main objective was to give voice to the African narrative to share posts that help put in to perspective the reality that is my world and if we have enough people telling it, Africa’s voice will be heard this is My Africa and these are my Words



It’s not easy, to write everyday but it’s not impossible, life will intrude, it always does but you can either make time or you can make excuses.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this blog everyday challenge is that my creativity is boundless, as the sea the more I write, the more I have, it is infinite (Did I low key quote Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, perhaps creativity is like being in love).

I have always had a fear that I am like a precious bottle of creativity and I must pour out each drop carefully, sparingly, the way a miser begrudgingly hands out each coin as if it’s the last; I felt it paid to hoard, lest I find my supply diminished and my precious creativity depleted.

………….Now I will pour and pour and pour…….

When you write every day, it forces you to think about writing, every day. You pay more attention to conversations around you, a sentence you read in a book, a quote from a movie or TV series, a leaf falling softly, to the soft brown earth, everything is a story waiting to be told; no one listens more to your story than the person who will write it down and no one reads it more than one about to write their own. The symmetry of the reader and the writer, one can be a reader and never a writer but a writer must be a reader.

I have interacted with interesting bloggers taking part in this challenge and seeing how they write has helped me to define my voice, to write as the stories should be told, to write as the story teller I am.

Goodbye September and Welcome October


Day 30 of my blog every day challenge

Here is quick way twitter moment of my past posts.