Of Free Web Hosting #2018BOTY

Day 16 of 25 Days of Blogmas celebrating The Best Of The Year #2018BOTY

If you do not know by now you must know that I am passionate about self-expression, embracing the digital media to add your voice to the world. I am builder of local blogging communities


Africa has so many untold stories, some almost magical and others well not so beautiful and I watch how people are quick to complain how only a certain kind of story or people get media coverage and funding, well thats what happens when you wait for someone to tell your story they will skip over to the things they want to talk about.

The blogging scene has evolved a long way from where it started, its no longer simply a past-time hobby, its tool that can open up worlds, even change perceptions and gives you the power to write your own history while you are witnessing it…

Sometimes I feel like we are the generation, the past will die with, as we lose ourselves to the future, that is why I write.

If you Google the word marooro the first search result is my blog post on the Zimbabwean traditional marriage ceremony, and just like that even Google thinks I am the go to person, its not because I am an authority on all things culture but because not enough people wrote or tagged it.

In light of this you understand way I was quite excited at what the Free Web Hosting guys are trying to do; offer free Web Hosting services to Zimbabwean Bloggers 

Zimbabwean Bloggers free web hosting

“Our main aim as Free Web Hosting Zimbabwe is to make sure that an online presence is available to any and all who need it, beginning with our creatives and more so the bloggers”

What Is Free Hosting?

The standard 100% free web hosting package comes with:

1G Diskspace

5G Bandwidth

1 Sql Database

5 Emails

*  Domain registration of a .co.zw on our platform costs $8/yr & a .com $13.50/yr. Payments in EcoCash

** offer is available only for local Zimbabweans

I am sure the first thing you will think is there’s got to be a catch right? That whole despise free lunch because well nothing is for free…. or whats in it for them

They are able to offer this package because their holding company Nivacity offers paid hosting packages in South Africa and they had servers laying idle and thought hey why not……..

And watch this space might soon be giving bloggers digital skills to be visible and  survive in the digital space 



Of My Ancestry And The Heritage In My Roots

Avuxesheni avuxeni (hello hello)

I believe Africa is rich with creativity, legends and history deep like the roots of a giant tree.
Come sit with me by the fire, where every good story begins, and because we should not waste such a beautiful flame,  come sit with me and lets watch this clay pot of water boil.

They say a watched pot never boils so while we wait for it to boil I will tell you the little that I know about my culture.

I am Machangana or Shangaan, a tribe of the Tsonga people. The origins of these my people is steeped in controversy. People use the term Tsonga interchangeably with Shangaan and to further muddy the waters the same language XiTsonga is spoken but it never quite means the same things.

Before the were Shangaan people the were Tsonga people, who hailed from East Africa part of the Bantu groups of the Ronga, Tswa and Ndau who slowly migrated south of the continent, in search of greener pastures, literally, for their livestock, they were pastoral people.

In the  1800s the Tsonga, settled South of Africa until along came the Mfecane (time of trouble/ forced migration) as Shaka The Zulu consolidated all the other tribes into the Zulu Empire, resulting in tribes migrating to settle in new areas.


Soshangane an army general “fled” north crossing the Zambezi into Rozvi territory (what is now Zimbabwe) with some of “his people” finally ending up in Mozambique.
The name Shangaan is derived from the name of Soshangane. Somewhere along all that, we came to be here.


Here is a photo of my grandfather and I. He taught me some of what I know about who I am, where I come from, how I have my totem which is Fire, and the praise song for my people. I am from a long line of royalty House: VaHlengwe

generationUya chisa mlilo
Hikisile chauke
Chakungedzele ribweni
Loki uchiona chiehixele
chifile katika
Chihanya hlungwani angahlinga
Aukhosi wahina u’nzilo
Hi mina Beaton
Wa Bhangwani
wakanga nzela ribwe.
Xikovele xigombeeeeeeeeee
I imagine people dancing around a huge fire as they say that.

Shangaan village

I am not entirely sure of the spellings or what that all means I know its something about an ode to Fire (my totem)

Who are you and where you come from? We are all migrants we started of somewhere and here we and here we are.

In the spirit of UBuntu I am because you are…


Day 22 Africa: Stories From Home

Of My Blog Resolutions

Resolutions: The Journey So Far. Day Five of The #FEBlog blog every day challenge.

  • One of my resolutions was to blog more and what more than a blogging everyday challenge to jump start the year….. Day Five and not out.
  • I also want to maintain and increase an active network of bloggers. So every once in a while (depending on its initial success) I will host The Muse Blog Party;

  • this is when I will share a blogroll of articles from bloggers I interact with.
  • If you are interested: let’s get this party started, here is how it will work; in the comments drop the link to an article of yours past or present you think fellow bloggers (and me also) should check out (I promise to read every link.. eventually
  • Follow up on the comments posted and read at least one post from a link posted by another blogger and when you comment sign off at the bottom ~With Compliments from B and me (your name)

  • I have been neglecting a creative writing tag of mine where I write a story and the reader picks how the story proceeds… starting this Friday I will be resuming it; if you are a curious cat, you can catch up on the story so far at this link…..
  • To self host my blog or to upgrade to a premium wordpress plan… decisions decisions but we certainly going up notch
  • Ah yes also I’ll be doing more posts on how to amp up your blogging game, stay tuned. I have just made myself an expert.
  • Blogger Meet Ups! ! ! ! ! ! ! Coming soon.

~B PS And I owe Mable a letter…. I am completing this resolution on Wednesday!

Of Coffee, Cancer and Awards

If you were having coffee with me I would bid you welcome and tell you to get out of the rain before you catch your death of cold. You would probably ask me if I recently had my hair fixed up and I reply “What gave it away, was it the rain, it always rains after my wash day

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that after all my experiences as a Rain God, I would have figured out that I should carry an umbrella after washday but see I have a terrible habit of losing them; I forget them in taxis, cloak rooms anywhere I set it down I’ll probably just walk away and not even turn around, until splash a drop of rain lands on me and I remember I had an umbrella but not anymore.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that today is world cancer day.

World Cancer day

Shout out to all the cancer survivors out there.

The risk of getting cancer can be reduced by practicing a healthy lifestyle and early detection increases the chances of treatment.

Ways to reduce cancer

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that my grandma just passed away, the doctors say if the cancer had been detected early they might have been able to treat it. Go well grandma we wont cry we celebrate a life lived to its fullest.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how part of the reason I keep this blog is to shed light on my little corner of the world its not an S word. I was reminded of this as I read the following transcript from an interview of Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi by a French journalist:

Interviewer: Are your books read in Nigeria?

Chimamanda: Yes

Interviewer: Do they have libraries in Nigeria?

Chimamanda: I think it reflects poorly on France that you asked that question

Believe it or not someone once sent me an email asking if we have the internet in Africa, can you here my eyes roll?

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you I am on day 4 of my blog everyday challenge and that my blog was nominated for the Zim Blog Awards in the ARTs and Culture category please vote for Becoming The Muse thank you on the link below.




PS I did say go vote right? Vote thank you again


Of My Blogging Progress Report Card —Mostly Ds


HI I am B. and I am a blogger.
(everyone says hi B)
I will share with you my blogging journey. If blogging had a report card mine would be graded with mostly Ds

Phase 1. D is for Denial
I never thought of myself as a blogger. Bloggers (to me) are those major moguls with thousands upon thousands of followers, who post frequently, get quoted in mainstream media and win awards actual awards with medals and ribbons and prizes and and and have published books on the bestseller list with rave reviews.

I am just a regular guy, who has a blog and sometimes I post.
I have instagram account does that make me an instagrammer? how bout twitter.. am I a twittererer…erm never mind thats not even a word.

I write for myself I write what I like as Steve Biko put it.

When I am not writing I read 🙂

Phase 2. D is for Doubt
So I was writing to myself in my own lil world never expecting anyone else to be reading or that I would be good enough, that anyone, apart from me would want to read.
Imagine taking a selfie of your naked soul and doubting that it’s not good enough or it’s too ugly for anyone to see. You bare all you are and doubt makes you stand awkwardly and try to cover up.

Phase 3. D is for Disinclined Acceptance
Imagine my surprise when I find people recommending my blog to others or saying they are fans.
All these people can’t all be crazy right. So reluctantly I am inclined to accept I am what I am. ^_^

You know how when you spend hours in the kitchen creating a masterpiece of a meal by the time you are done, you are no longer hungry….

You only know the meal was great because those you served, wiped their plates clean and asked for more…. Just like Oliver Twist

And you The Cook, you only nibbled on your serving.

You are not hungry because while you were cooking, you were taking lil bites (to taste mostly, right?)
Unfortunately you were “sampling” the rough draft checking,
if the seasoning in the word stew was just right,
if the plot of gravy was thick enough,
enough salad dressing on the metaphoric salad,
and how about a touch of colour on the plot twist Hmmmm a dash of beetroot perhaps?
As with my cooking so is my writing by the time I am done, its simply just a well punctuated grammatically correct string of words, and I am no longer hungry.
But every time someone comments (constructively.. hopefully) you look through their eyes and for a second you see what they see Sometimes they totally miss the point you were trying to make, or they find a new point you did not even know you were making and you look at it and think, yep that’s about right.
If enough the people tell you, you cook well, you best believe it.

Phase 4. D is for Dedication
And so slowly I realize I like it when other people read what I write, like what I write, I want more of this, and helps to resolve my dedication to write more.
Dedication makes me consistent, keeps me in line, drives me(insane but in writer kinda way 🙂

Never trust a skinny chef!

Or a bartender who has never ever had a drop of alcohol

When you ask them what do you think is good and they recommend something because that’s what most people order and it’s just so happens to be the “discounted house special”.
Well just because other people like sipping on liquid razor blades chased with lemons that’s their business, don’t mean I like it.

Phase 5. D is Deliverance
When I write I exorcise the voices in my head, the thoughts I never speak about but they are there buzzing around. If you stumble onto my blog and like what you read leave me a kind word, (or healthy criticism) it’s one of the best parts about blogging since I rather live off compliments (but shhhh that’s a writer’s secret.) I have also made many interesting “friends” who have inspired me in many various ways, from my comment field.

I am getting the feeling I am getting addicted to hearing good things about me ^_^

Writing just like any sport takes no skill to do it absolutely horribly while some effortlessly dribble words past a field of critics and sink one in the best-sellers list.

Well I try to have fun and I laugh out loud as I write, true story.

The more I write the better I get and that book idea, well its deliverance seems more and more like an obtainable goal, beyond that impossible is nothing.
The storyteller never lies,
A story told never dies.
and so too its teller.
That is why I write.


Ps have coffee with me thats when I had the idea for this post when I was preparing to be a #GuestBlogger for Afrobloggers.

Of My Multiple Liebster Award Nominations


Once upon a time I was nominated for a the Liebster Award, I in turn nominated a bunch of people for it. Good times. ^_^
Now here’s a really funny story,
I ended up getting nominated right back its really quite flattering so I have 5 nominations for this award…..I must be doing something right (do not burst my bubble and tell me it’s because I have a tiny network of bloggers do not even think it, what are we still talking about.)
I think there is a reason why there should be a tiny condition that you can’t nominate the person who nominated you. ^_^

I lost the link to the fifth blogger, this is what happens when you change your blog name we can’t find you, maybe you do not want to be found Holla Holla if you read this ^_^
so I’ll just mention the four I could find.
The 5am Soliloquy
a blog where it’s always 5 in the morning. I am not much of a morning person I prefer my 5am at midnight, see, I am not an early bird, I am a night owl.
But check out this blog ^_^

an inspirational blog though he hasn’t been blogging much because he is admin & behind the scenes of  Afrobloggers an interesting initiative to unite and promote African bloggers. Hey how about an afroblogger-tag-a-blogger-something
I have noticed lots of bloggers this side of the planet tend not interact much, they read and leave, or share on twitter and It’s really hard to find them.

Are we there yet?
hmmm you haven’t posting lately for a while is this a start to share more….. write write write write read read read then repeat

Some String of words

This is a blog by a dear twitter friend of mine, I heartily encouraged her to write and she is really really good, please do give her a look see. I told her bloggers were cool froods who know where their towels at, now don’t make me out to be a liar OK thanks bye.

Thank you all for the nominations, now where can I redeem all these for cash. If I ever give you guys anything I know I will get it back but lets not test this theory

Ordinarily this is when I would answer questions but since most of these are questions I made up when I got this award I will refer you to my original post Of My Liebster Award 

And oh yes it official I now have over 200 followers thank ye all who follow me ✨✨✨✨✨ random stars of awesomeness.
I exempt myself from nominations and so forth.
If that will be all thank you very much. I think I would make an excellent lawyer but first I’d change my name to Justin Case, you know just in case…..
…………..Call me Justin Case