Of Coffee and Edible Water after Easter on Independence Day


If you were having coffee with me I would say hello to you hope you had happy Easter holidays. Did you do anything interesting, visit family, hunt for eggs with the Easter Bunny, or go to church and celebrate The Risen Lord. Regardless of your beliefs and faith on Easter I find you hope you never get swayed by the corporate monster, out there to make a quick buck, commercializing every single reason we have to buy a gift or anything really for any occasion clouding up everything till you find you cant go home until you have bought a mother’s day or father’s day, valentine’s day or anniversary gift, cake, presents, Christmas trees, hot cross buns, Easter eggs, spending hard  earned money on meaningless trinkets and  meaningless gestures. Ok, fine maybe that was a bit harsh, its not meaningless and there is nothing wrong with gifts and gestures, and I for one wouldn’t mind getting a gift; even for no reason, actually especially for no reason but they must come from the heart and not because some big corporate splurged a lot of money in advertising and marketing and it’s all inception and subliminal messaging for you To Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy.

But hey the corporate monster just like progress is a multi-headed beast that needs to be constantly fed with innovation.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you saw the April Full Moon, also known as The Pink Moon. I don’t know why it is called The Pink Moon, it was most certainly full but not pink in colour. Here is a fun fact, Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. (which occurs March 20)

It still feels like the weekend today, Sunday to be precise but its Tuesday, that’s because today’s another public holiday, it’s been a holiday studded past five days whoop whoop…

Today is Independence Day for Zimbabwe.

Happy 37 years of…… sovereignity.

They call us the Born Free generation because we are fortunate to never have witnessed oppression at the hands of colonial overlords or the blood price that was paid for our sovereignity. Sovereignity is a tree just like liberty it needs constant watering, with blood of patriots and traitors alike. I would like to believe no leader ever sets out to rule with iron words, firm fists and tyranny but the old adage holds true power corrupts and absolute power, well absolutely…. and here we are 37 years later and sovereignity feels a lot like oppression  simply changed skin colour.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you have taken a walk outside and thought to yourself someone should do something about this and then kept walking….. Yeah I do that. Just the other day I was looking for a bin to throw litter in, while walking in the city, I noticed all the different kinds of bottles littering the street thinking yeah people need to recycle or something….. and I kept walking.

Everybody expects somebody to do something and in the end nobody does anything

Fun Fact; Empties is really a word, it means a glass bottle empty of its contents. You might be familiar with bottles that come with a deposit refundable when you return the ‘empties’ or those who wont sell you takeaway beverages without an empty to exchange with. I had always wondered who came up with that word or if it was just street lingo but had never looked it up not until yesterday. When your bottle has a deposit you are less likely to just toss it away without a second thought.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you what you think of edible water bottles. I would watch you look at me trying to wrap your head around the idea of an edible water edible. I know I have crazy ideas but fortunately that one isn’t mine.


A company called Skipping Rocks Labs has introduced water, packaged in water drop shaped bottles that are get this Edible… made from some organic algae, dipped in ice. How cool is that?  The idea is quite an interesting and innovative take on that recycling and littering problem I mentioned earlier, especially for those who want water on the go…(hello jogging #teamfitness I see you) I don’t know about the practicalities though like you cant have your water and drink it too hahahaha. What do you think

Thanks for dropping by and have an awesome week


PS If you are a Christian you must live each day as if Christ rose today and is coming.  Amen

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Of Coffee and Easter

If you were having coffee with me………
If you were having coffee with me I would say Happy Easter holidays how is/was your weekend going hope it is/was great.

Here have piping hot cuppa and I would offer you a plate of steaming hot cross buns, fresh from being nuked in the microwave; I hope you do not mind having microwaved food?
I ask this because I know people who prefer to eat cold food when they have a perfectly good microwave cause they are deathly afraid of radiation but funny enough they are constantly on their mobile phone with a Bluetooth headset and WiFi always on isn’t that ironic.

Don’t mind me, as I brush away a few ants crawling on the buns, (currently have va little ant problem) They are rather hardcore ants, considering they just walked out of a plate from the microwave (and that’s why cockroaches, scorpions and ants will be the only things left after a nuclear holocaust) Anyhoo as my mum always said ants are mostly harmless and they are tonic for the stomach, but I think she just said that to get us to not be fussy over a few ants in your food.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you went Easter Egg hunting. Curious things Easter eggs;
-Where do they come from? I mean what sort of creatures lay Easter eggs?  I would not mind having a pet that laid chocolate eggs, just saying.
-Does the  Easter Bunny lay them or is it some weird rainbow chickens that have clearly been nuked by some cosmic microwaves?
-And then the Easter bunny just does the collecting and hiding for the hunt?…

Having spent a long time at a Catholic boarding I have a confession to make. You know during the Eucharistic Feast of Holy Communion in celebration of the Last Supper the priest holds up a chalice of wine and says this is my blood, and then a wafer and says this is the body of Christ. I  used to have this crazy thought that what if he held up a bowl of noodles and said these are his intestines and some mashed potatoes and said these are his brains….  It’s a good thing these where innocent thoughts of youth otherwise I would have been struck by lightning during mass, yes?

If you were having coffee with me being a Christian I would say Amazing Grace, I owed a debt I could not pay and he paid a debt he did not owe Amen.
Compliments of the Easter season

P.S. My internet being slow so I could not upload images I found a picture of likely candidates to laying Easter eggs