Of Breaking Free; A Writer’s Block


Writer’s block is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

When I try to picture it in my head, I visualise a large immovable block that your writing hand is shackled to, which is why you cannot write…..


Or maybe it is large chopping block where you lay your head as you wait for the axe of creative constipation to chop your silly head off…….


Off with your head….. if you can visualize your writer’s block in your head then you are kidding yourself you do not really have writer’s block, your creative mechanism still work; you need to collect and focus your creative energy.

To understand writer’s block you first have to understand the psychology of a creative individual. Imagine a writer as a therapist; unconsciously self-psychoanalyzing to resolve inner turmoil via the sublime medium of writing….

In other words writers are batty, how can they not be?

Writer’s block has probably existed since the first writer picked up a stick and scratched something on a cave wall or perhaps even before that when he traced doodles into the dirt with his fingers and when the rain washed it away he tried to do it again, and could not, quite get it right……

But the term writer’s block was first coined in 1947 by a psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler who described it as a “Neurotic inhibition of productivity

What causes Writer’s Block?

Self Doubt or Self Criticism; (afraid of how you will be judged or  if you wrote something before and it was praised and now the pressure as you are not sure you can ever equal the same level of excellence or being compared to other greats)

Timing; (when you just cant find the time and space and distractions.)

Procrastination; (waiting for inspiration)

Perfectionism; (waiting for everything to fall into place, which it never does)

Disillusionment; (you write and no one notices, no recognition)

unhappiness; (It should come as no surprise that an unhappy writer is likely to be creatively blocked and that a blocked writer is probably unhappy. Unhappy people daydream less period.)

There are many other causes for it but these are the most common.

Writer’s block is a psychological condition and as with all psychological manifestations its treatment should be some feel good therapeutic exercise….

How To Break Free The Writer’s Block

Writing is an intimate conversation with your innermost thoughts; so to deal with your writer’s block; relax and get alone time, you need to find some joy in your writing; if you feel good, you write good……

If I had a holy grail solution to dealing with writer’s block; I would probably be selling it in a set of 25 motivational DVDs at $1.99 a DVD and after you had bought the entire set you would find that you were no closer to getting past your writer’s block than when you started; that’s because writing is not an exact science, it is an art; and art has no rules; it has No Chill.

However I’ll share a few quirky remedies outrageous enough to just pop the bubble of that uncreative funk

*Firstly WRITE, write anything; keep writing until you write better

Writing about writer’s block is better than not writing at all

~Charles Bukowski

*Pretend you are writing a rough draft and not a masterpiece

*Talk to your characters, have coffee with them, interview them

*Write like you talk

No one ever gets talker’s block

~Seth Godin


PS I never suffer from writer’s block; I immensely enjoy it and use it as an excuse to exercise all my quirky traits and blame my unruly muse ♥♥♥♥


Of My Blogging Progress Report Card —Mostly Ds


HI I am B. and I am a blogger.
(everyone says hi B)
I will share with you my blogging journey. If blogging had a report card mine would be graded with mostly Ds

Phase 1. D is for Denial
I never thought of myself as a blogger. Bloggers (to me) are those major moguls with thousands upon thousands of followers, who post frequently, get quoted in mainstream media and win awards actual awards with medals and ribbons and prizes and and and have published books on the bestseller list with rave reviews.

I am just a regular guy, who has a blog and sometimes I post.
I have instagram account does that make me an instagrammer? how bout twitter.. am I a twittererer…erm never mind thats not even a word.

I write for myself I write what I like as Steve Biko put it.

When I am not writing I read 🙂

Phase 2. D is for Doubt
So I was writing to myself in my own lil world never expecting anyone else to be reading or that I would be good enough, that anyone, apart from me would want to read.
Imagine taking a selfie of your naked soul and doubting that it’s not good enough or it’s too ugly for anyone to see. You bare all you are and doubt makes you stand awkwardly and try to cover up.

Phase 3. D is for Disinclined Acceptance
Imagine my surprise when I find people recommending my blog to others or saying they are fans.
All these people can’t all be crazy right. So reluctantly I am inclined to accept I am what I am. ^_^

You know how when you spend hours in the kitchen creating a masterpiece of a meal by the time you are done, you are no longer hungry….

You only know the meal was great because those you served, wiped their plates clean and asked for more…. Just like Oliver Twist

And you The Cook, you only nibbled on your serving.

You are not hungry because while you were cooking, you were taking lil bites (to taste mostly, right?)
Unfortunately you were “sampling” the rough draft checking,
if the seasoning in the word stew was just right,
if the plot of gravy was thick enough,
enough salad dressing on the metaphoric salad,
and how about a touch of colour on the plot twist Hmmmm a dash of beetroot perhaps?
As with my cooking so is my writing by the time I am done, its simply just a well punctuated grammatically correct string of words, and I am no longer hungry.
But every time someone comments (constructively.. hopefully) you look through their eyes and for a second you see what they see Sometimes they totally miss the point you were trying to make, or they find a new point you did not even know you were making and you look at it and think, yep that’s about right.
If enough the people tell you, you cook well, you best believe it.

Phase 4. D is for Dedication
And so slowly I realize I like it when other people read what I write, like what I write, I want more of this, and helps to resolve my dedication to write more.
Dedication makes me consistent, keeps me in line, drives me(insane but in writer kinda way 🙂

Never trust a skinny chef!

Or a bartender who has never ever had a drop of alcohol

When you ask them what do you think is good and they recommend something because that’s what most people order and it’s just so happens to be the “discounted house special”.
Well just because other people like sipping on liquid razor blades chased with lemons that’s their business, don’t mean I like it.

Phase 5. D is Deliverance
When I write I exorcise the voices in my head, the thoughts I never speak about but they are there buzzing around. If you stumble onto my blog and like what you read leave me a kind word, (or healthy criticism) it’s one of the best parts about blogging since I rather live off compliments (but shhhh that’s a writer’s secret.) I have also made many interesting “friends” who have inspired me in many various ways, from my comment field.

I am getting the feeling I am getting addicted to hearing good things about me ^_^

Writing just like any sport takes no skill to do it absolutely horribly while some effortlessly dribble words past a field of critics and sink one in the best-sellers list.

Well I try to have fun and I laugh out loud as I write, true story.

The more I write the better I get and that book idea, well its deliverance seems more and more like an obtainable goal, beyond that impossible is nothing.
The storyteller never lies,
A story told never dies.
and so too its teller.
That is why I write.


Ps have coffee with me thats when I had the idea for this post when I was preparing to be a #GuestBlogger for Afrobloggers.