Of Coffee And The Untimely Visitor

If you were having coffee with me, I would say it is a pleasure having you here. I may not tell you enough or at all that when you drop by for a visit and we chat; sometimes you say a word or two sometimes I do all the talking; I appreciate you.

g0agdOne must always let people know how much they are appreciated because…. Life has a funny way of unravelling even the best laid out plans. That’s life, It Happens and it goes on……

fragile things

Fragile things

God’s a connoisseur of fragile things and decorates His cloudy outlook with ornaments of finest glass

Dr Sleep, Stephen King

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I have just come back from my friend’s funeral. It is hard to bury a friend, but even harder to watch a parent bury their child. A parent’s grief is heartbreaking.

My friend was one of those outgoing people who easily made friends with people and so the funeral was well-attended; considering burial was at an out of the way farm they recently resettled to. Getting there was quite the adventure, since we didn’t know the directions and the driver and conductor of the bus we took; had never heard of the bus stop we would get off….

By a stroke of luck strangers also in the bus, going somewhere else, happened to overhear our conversation and knew my late friend’s family; they weren’t going to the funeral, hadn’t even heard of the death. They gave us directions, of where to and how we would walk when we got off the bus. We left them quite distraught that they couldn’t come with us and asked us to pay respect on their behalf.

If I learnt anything, it’s that things have a way of working out, our life is littered with many coincidences, maybe its fate, destiny, karma or simply The Lord’s mysterious ways.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that my friend used to joke that they would rather have a party at their funeral and liquor to poured on their graves than have tears shed for them. So we had a colourful send off as we paid our last respects. If it wasn’t for the coffin sticking out as a stark reminder of the untimely visitor who waits for each of us at the end of our path….one would not have been faulted for thinking people were singing and dancing at a party. A few feathers might have been ruffled as the older generation felt the younger generation was hijacking tradition and turning what’s supposed to be a somber affair, into a circus and that the liquor might have been flowing a little too freely, but all in all I think everything worked out; it usually does.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I was shocked to learn of the death of Chester Bennington from the Linkin Park Band. I heard the news in a car I got a lift from; coming from my friend’s burial, death never takes a vacation….

I have been a huge Linkin Park from when I listened to their debut album Hybrid Theory almost 17 years ago; and it was an escape and an outlet for all the words inside I had never said, and now, now I write.

Chester Bennington’s death was a suicidal hanging after battling addiction and depression. Mental health awareness is something that must be spread people, are out there fighting a darkness within and no one ever realises it; not until its too late.

Once upon a time I wrote this: Of The Strong Silent Man



Linkin Park has launched a tribute website Chester.linkinpark.com with links to help you; In case you or someone you know needs support…

If you are in Zimbabwe Click here to  see a post with local places you can find free support and counselling

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that you must always be reaching out to your friends because you never know, a simple “hello; how are you doing…” could save a life.


PS The first thing I did when I got home was to check my garden I have gone for a couple of days and I kept wondering how the plants in my garden were doing since I wasn’t there to  water them…. I guess they are growing on me…

onions and carrots



Photocredit: chester.linkinpark  Dj Khaled


Of A Sunday Story 

Imagine it’s Sunday and a friend who has been inviting you to their church for like forever, manages to catch you, when you have absolutely no reason to say no, at least not one you can make without seeming like perhaps you burst into flames when you enter the doors of a church ⛪ 

You agree to tag along, and when you get there, you really want to sit at the back, blend in, be inconspicuous, maybe somewhere you can make a quick exit if the sermon drags on for too long but noooo they drag you to the very front row 💺 

When the service starts the pastor asks that if there are any visitors may they stand up, introduce themselves and how they came to be here today and then be welcomed to the church. You try to slouch in your chair and make yourself invisible but everyone seems to be looking at you and your friend nudges you rather obviously in the ribs. Slowly you stand up and mumble your name, as your friend beams beside you. 😁

The pastor says “hallelujah” 🙋 the congregation shouts “hallelujah” back.🙌… 

The choir starts a hymn 🎤

Right in this place, the spirit is moving…. “♪  ♪

Slightly alarmed you look around  😱 For The Spirit  👻 that is moving in this place, right now…  

Eventually the sermon starts and the pastor reads from the book of the First Corinthians 11 verse 14.  About how man must not have long hair but a woman must never cut hers but she must cover it always. 
And you with your shoulder length locks can feel the eyes of everyone trying not to stare at you as the pastor delivers a fire and brimstone service about how demons live in braids and long hair…. 

You want to raise your hand and ask what if you are like Samson?

The Pastor says tell the person next to you, “I want to cast out the demon in you!”

“I want to cast out the demon in you you repeat!”

“Out!” the pastor says.. 

“Out!” the congregation repeats. 



Suddenly voices in prayer fill the room, some even start speaking in tongues. It’s a bit disconcerting for you as you are used to more conventional churches where everyone bows their heads and close eyes to pray silently and only a few people one after the other speak their prayer requests out loud then everyone says Amen.. Not this when everyone speaks at the same time. 

You try not to stare at people slamming their bibles into their hands, jumping up and down while praying, filled with the Holy Spirit presumably… 

You realize you haven’t uttered a single word in prayer you try to but it’s rather hard to think of anything to say and finally you notice everyone slowly getting silent as the prayer session draws to a close, till everyone says Amen 
In conclusion the pastor then reads from the gospel of Matthew 25 verses 1-13. The parable of the ten virgins waiting for the groom, five of them were wise and five were foolish. The wise had extra oil for their lamps and the foolish did not…. 
The parable is to teach us that we must be constantly vigilant as no one knows the day or the hour of the coming of Christ…. 

It’s been an interesting service, you think to yourself and everything is going fairly OK until the pastor for emphasis just has to ask you, “So where would you rather be….  In the light with the five wise virgins or in the dark with the five foolish virgins….”

Erm, well, honestly I’d only answer that to a priest during confession.
Finally the service ends and on your way out people stop to greet you and ask you to please come again and you say  “I’ll see….”


Of Coffee With Me

If you were having coffee……..


If you were having coffee with me, I hope you would call me, before you come, to ask me, if I am home, so that I have enough time to tidy up and pretend I woke up like this. Do not be fooled my locks might look care-free, but each strand is strategically positioned.

2014-09-14 10.37.jpg

Do Not call me to say, you are on your way, when you haven’t left your house or even taken a bath yet.

Most importantly, Do Not call me when you are already at my gate, to ask me, if I am home, because you wanted to come over for coffee because it would be awkward if I do not want you coming over.

You:Hi B

Me: “Hi you

You:Are you home?

Me: “Yes, why?”

You: “I am at your gate___

Me:….. Constipated face emoji *awkward*


If you were having coffee with me, we would have coffee and chill and that is not code for anything, it would be just conversations over a cup of coffee or tea. I am all out of juice, so would have to run to the shops, to get you some, if that’s what you prefer. I would say it’s really no bother at all (but under my breath I would say but I thought this was a coffee date.)

If you are having coffee with me, I’d ask you, if there is standard acceptable Tea to Bread Ratio? You would look at me, like you are doing now, and I would explain; what I mean, is a ratio of let’s say 1 cup of tea to 4 slices of bread…. Is there such a ratio in proper tea drinking etiquette? It should be a fascinating research to do, yes?

You are feeling nice and welcome are you not, “Great” I would say.

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you “How would you feel if a bunch of people, who said they were your friends, were to invite themselves into your house and proceed to just sit and look at you, never saying a word just sitting there and looking at you, then they leave, they don’t even say goodbye, they just get up and go, how would you feel?

That would be really really creepy, would it not? Yes?

That is how it sorta how it feels like when you click on to my blog, read my posts and then you just leave….. its just …. Creepy. Do not get me wrong, I love the lil visits you pay me and I appreciate that you keep coming back. All I am saying is do not be a strange about it, if you drop by and love what you read, do leave me a message that you have been here and you loved the visit. I tend to check up more on blogs that interact with mine and respond when I comment on theirs, than those who don’t and if one day you wake and you wondering how come I don’t visit yours as much much as I used to……….

Yes, I blog for mainly selfish reasons but having an audience does give me, a nice warm fuzzy feeling, reading what you think about my posts, I get to know more about you, and more about me too, because there is a piece of yourself in every person you meet. Your muse might just be the next person to comment.

So if you having anything to say please feel free to holla, I don’t bite, unless you are a sandwich in my plate, then, oh yeah I will eat you up. Speaking of sandwiches, it is a good thing we no longer have to hunt for food because if we did, I would probably starve, I do not know where sandwiches graze. I try to keep my hunting skills honed by stabbing the frozen chicken in the fridge with a knife before sticking it into the microwave to bleeddefrost.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how, just the other day I ran into an old friend I haven’t seen in a while, told me they were a big fan of my blog and I was quite pleased but I low-key wanted to say how come I never see you commenting ok, how bout just clicking the like button, so I know you definitely been there.

If you having coffee with me, I would carelessly leave my diary on the table, open to a heart marked date.IMAG0001 Curiosity would have you asking me if anything special was going on, I would laugh and say “Oh, it’s nothing really, that’s just my birthday” as I scoop up my diary and put it away.



If you were having coffee with me I would thank you for coming and say please do drop by again, and don’t be a stranger and if you not being strange then don’t stop doing what you doing, I really do love your little visits, don’t be creepy now

Cheers and happy weekend.



Of Thanksgiving



Gratitude Journal
I am counting my blessings
All the little things I take for granted
I am thankful for all my friends and family
Those who drive me crazy
Those who like me cause I am crazy
And those special ones who keep me sane
I am thankful for all those who love me
And I love them
I am thankful for the smiles and laughter, the dreams I am after
But most of all I am thankful,
That we do not have little tv screens on our heads that broadcast our thoughts for every one to see….


on the other hand its great being me

Our minds are strange strange places or at least mine is ….. no one needs to see what goes on in there ^_^
Happy Thanksgiving
PS May your Turkey be Wild and your Cranberry be mixed with Grey Goose
Wild Turkey? I’m having flame grilled steak and washing it down with a chilled beverage of an intoxicating nature ^_^