Of The Home Renegade’s Curry #MEATLESSMONDAYS

A Guest Post

The Home Renegade’s Vegetable Curry!!!


I am not a “Home Cook”. The disaster I make in the kitchen, the absurd number of pots, bizarre amount of cutlery, and countless times I have to wipe down my counters is testament to that. When I cook, I am in a war zone, and I am the General sending my “troops” to inevitable victory. Because, I can cook. Very well. Just don’t call me a home cook… maybe, a Home Renegade. Because I am not prim and proper, or meticulous… I throw things in that pot and that pan, and BOOM (I’m shocked the explosion hasn’t been literal), a meal!!

So, I make it a point to do Meatless Mondays, just to get my people used to the fact that veggies do taste pretty good. This time, I had no idea what to make, I was way too lazy to go to the shops after work, cause all I was thinking of was getting to my hot stove and cooking (no, it was just because it was real cold!!). So with my measly haul of vegetables, I managed to make a pretty decent meal, I think. I mean, my husband and kid said it was nice; I’m not sure if it was true, or because I was giving them the scary mom eye that scares you into submission. In my defence, I had to make sure they ate their veggies…

So here is the “recipe:

Cooking oil

Curry powder

A mixture of vegetables (I had carrots, green beans, and butternut squash; at times I add cauliflower, baby marrow and sweetcorn) all chopped however you like

Onions (diced)

Tomatoes (diced)

Tomato Puree


Salt to taste

I don’t measure a thing, I wish I did, then I’d be like a fancy chef on Masterchef who writes down their recipe before starting to cook. I’m a renegade guys! As long as it tastes good and is healthy, I am happy. How will I pass on my recipes to my kids though…?

Heat oil (a lot of oil, whatever a lot is to you) in a saucepan, and add onions and garlic. Cook till softened. Add curry powder at this point. (I just pour, till I’m happy… I need to start measuring things…). Add your tomatoes , and vegetables, and let simmer till tomatoes are mushy (forgot the culinary name…). Add tomato puree, water (water should be up there! *face palm*), and simmer for some time. ( I didn’t time it…). Add seasoning, and gravy thickeners if they’re your style and serve! Goes well with rice & rotis.


So here you go! If you wanna try Meatless (day of the week) in your house, here’s a recipe for you. And my son actually eats the vegetables! So maybe it’s a miraculous way to get kiddies to eat their veges!!!

Until next time… Your Quarter Wife.

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Rutendo Matongo (nee Sewani)

I love making lists! I love making lists with categories and subcategories! I’m not a neat person, but I love a compartmentalised life, where I can get information quickly. That was the inspiration for the Quarter Wife.  I love the nation of Zimbabwe! I live in Harare with my husband and son. When I’m not making lists, I’m working as a General Practitioner, and wondering which knitting project to start.

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PS I cook in an almost similar fashion, and the good thing about it is no meal ever tastes exactly the same and the bad thing about it is No Meal Ever Tastes Exactly The Same.



of coffee and egg rolls

 If you were having coffee with me….

If you were having coffee with me I would be pleased you joined me. We would sit in the kitchen, I would put the kettle on and say “I hope you like scrambled eggs. Please feel at home” and when you were nicely settled “tell me how have you been?
I would tell you how I have had downs and ups on the roller coaster ride that is the circle of life, we buried an uncle, a brother got married and a niece was born all in a short space of time, that is life for you, round and round it goes.

If you were having coffee with me I would share with you my secret recipe for making perfect scrambled eggs, but first I would show you how to make an egg roll
You need 1 egg.

Egg Roll.jpg
Step 1 place egg on flat surface
Step 2 push egg gently with you index finger….
Congratulations you have made an egg roll.
Do you hear a voice in the background saying don’t play with your food? Me neither we are not playing with food I was simply, erm…. lets just say illustrating how nothing ever is as at it seems.☺

Moving along on I was going to teach you how I make my scrambled eggs.
You need eggs, seasoning, tomatoes onions and any other stuff you fancy on an omelette.

Step 1 take the eggs that we were rolling and break them into a bowl then whisk together with the seasoning.
Step 2 pour the beaten eggs into a preheated pan (works best if it is a non-stick pan without any fancy Teflon coating)

Step 3 it should now look like you are making the perfect omelette, here comes the fun part now try to carefully flip the egg.egg1.jpg

Step 4 presto scrambled eggs


If you were having coffee with me I would confess that most times I try to make to make an omelette, I usually end up making scrambled eggs. Maybe I really should get me one of those fancy non-stick pans, in the meantime hope you enjoy your coffee and eggs.