Of Feeling The Earth Move

I felt the Earth move beneath the soles of my feet, a tremor deep from the bowels of the planet’s core.

I was sitting on the sofa watching TV and tweeting about it….  and then I noticed that it was just that I could feel The Earth beneath my feet but the sofa was vibrating ever so slightly like it was a massage chair and the windows were rattling like a freight train was passing through my backyard…. There is no railway line in our backyard, so it could only mean one thing…. a derailed freight train was being all unstoppable outside the house…. I got up and peered casually outside the window half expecting to hear the shrill blast of a train’s horn or see the headlights coming straight at me and I could look like a startled deer watching a flame come to burn it, wait that’s a moth, but see a moth would have flown to the flame, the flame would have come for me…..I guess my imagination is just like runaway train of thought….

The internet is such a handy tool, instead going crazy trying to figure out if I had gone crazy a few clicks later I knew what happened…..

Turns out it was an earthquake:


A 6.5 magnitude earthquake with an epicentre in central Botswana occurred at 1940hrs CAT, and the tremors were felt in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

I haven’t heard of any causalities so I presume people only got a little shaken up nothing serious…

Its amazing isn’t our ability to laugh at  the things that frighten, our on way of assuring ourselves that, that wasn’t so bad give me another challenge… see fear cant abide humour, were it not for laughter sometimes fear  would never leave, that’s because fear usually arrives late, inevitably leaves early, and ends up never going out at all.

So when you wake up in the morning and find people joking about earthquakes all over social media maybe they are not just being funny, they are saying hey lets laugh because we are not afraid… at least lets pretend we didn’t for a second think the world was going to end, aint no body got time to live their lives like that….

I felt the Earth move beneath my feet and I laughed, did you feel it too…..?


PS If you didn’t feel anything and you are wondering if it was real, the internet says it was real so it was real



Of Now or Never #LeFemmeRemix: A Review

I was scrolling through music channels wondering what happened to the music scene because most music videos seem to be all about the all up in your face provocative sex appeal, skimpy dancers doing highly suggestive dance routines to distract us from the waning mostly inaudible lyrical content and managing to objectify women in the process. Pretty soon people are just going to be naked in hip hop videos… oh, wait, didn’t someone famous do one of those already?  Anyhoo as you were.

I used to really love hip hop, back in the day when Rap really meant Rhythm And Poetry when it was a raw expressive force, lyrical gangsters spitting out verse on the microphones, that would explode the tape decks when they were in rap mode, you feel me?Call me old school but could you throw me back to a time when you could feel the emotion in rap from the love they felt for their mums, loyalty to their homies, and venom unleashed at haters, disintegrating those who would oppose; to the rage against injustice. Now, hip hop is a menagerie of multi-tattooed, chain wearing, expensive drinks sipping, posing artists all about image, they rap about how much money they got, expensive cars they woke up in, sex, and I can barely hear half of the other stuff they mumble out.

I thought perhaps I had lost my love for rap till I stumbled across this track by DJ Switch and Ms Cosmo.

To celebrate the phenomenal creature that is woman; phenomenal woman; Ms Cosmo DJ calls out her favourite female emcees to feature in the #LefemmeRemix of DJ Switch’s Now or Never track.

Ms Cosmo.jpg

Ms Cosmo

The result is 8 minutes of true grit, ten verses and ten of South Africa’s baddest female hip hop artists making a a point in a world where the rap scene is predominantly male….. It’s the rise of the female rappers.

I am hooked to the hook of the song:

What happened to rap?
Yeah, what happened to rap?
Hip hop used to drop bars now we just dab

And I cant decide which is my favourite verse or who slays the most, because its that awesome, but in order of appearance:

Opening verse is Meg Mafia also known as the North Goddess and she’s got purpose just like a pure breed warrior.

Rapping was about the bars but now it’s just a circus

Meg Mafia.jpg

Meg Mafia

Ms Supa is super human and two times a queen with a straight flush.

You got a beat but you can’t use it

Ms Supa.jpg

Ms Supa

Nelz wishes rappers rap more instead of talking about rap

The rise of the female rapper
The rap game is full of actors
I see no rappers just wrappers



Representing cape town and keeping it real Miss Celaneous

Shame man they look the same, some are same so uniform
He said if you wanna be part of the clique outchea, you gotta

Miss Celaneous.jpg

Miss Celaneous

Rogue knows what happened to real rap and it aint dead its going to rise like a phoenix.

No longer looking for lyricism
Just give em beat that bumps the bass



Patty Monroe who  is practically a brand unto herself now that’s clever

Now or never was an all male endeavour
You failed to deliver

Patty Monroe.jpg

Patty Monroe

Phresh Clique repping Cape Town they coming to win.

on stage
I rage,
I blaze,
fans feel

Phresh Clique.jpg

Phresh Clique

on stage
I rage,
I blaze,
fans feel

Fifi Cooper does no metaphors now if only someone would translate for me the rest of her verse so I know what she own about

why you put me next to kids that begs for Ice-Cream


Fifi Cooper

BK is the one who gots one problem rappers don’t make sense

Some careers born a little pre-mature
These weak raps need to incubate a little more



Clara T is about clarity and no lies, aint looking for anything she cant get for herself

Until you decide
And when you look in the mirror
You see that look in your eyes
That you aren’t breathing the same air as me

Clara T.jpg

Clara T

Gigi Lamayne is a serious heavy hitter  she wields her femininity like a blunt force don’t mess with the hybrid

Royal blood on my pad
I’m always Ultra with the bleeds


This track is what rap is about, standing for something; real, live and raw. Shout Out to all those keeping it real and if  you didn’t know these ladies watch out for them, trust me they making a mark.

If I listen to this song a thousand times I am so going to post the lyrics the way we used to do it back in the day before google when the only way to  get song lyrics was to listen rewind and press play 


PS Happy women’s month and  In case you missed it I am crushing on this song.

And if you into rap what’s your take on the rap game and music scene in general?

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#LeFemmeRemix images and track link courtesy of Ms Cosmo