Of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Review

Kingsman Golden Circle

Its been close to 3 years since the last Kingsman movie (my review Of sorts for it is can be found here: Kingsman Secret Service)

Finally got round to watching the sequel; released 22 September 2017. (where have I been?)

The events in the movie are about a year after the prequel, but to be honest after a three year wait I had forgotten the characters or what t expect I simply remembered I found the previous movie hilarious so I decided hey lets watch it…..

Check out the movie trailer:

Movie trailers can be so misleading and this is one of those cases where the trailer makes you expect so much more, than what you actually get; click bait.

Kingsman: The Golden circle opens with an action sequence which comes with a taxi ride fight scene, with a man with a robotic arm, a three car guns blazing chase climaxing into a fiery smart missile explosive device  thingie… cooling of with a plunge into a sewer so as not miss an important birthday dinner date……

In a plot reminiscent of Johnny English meets Get Smart meets James Bond; the entire Kingsman operatives get eliminated leaving only two agents Eggsy (Galahad) and Merlin to run “The Doomsday Protocol“; which is basically getting help from their hitherto unknown American counterparts known as Statesman.

kingsman meet statesman

If you ask me they should have named the film Kingsman: Meet The Statesman. Whilst the Kingsman are into the tailoring business as cover with a penchant for code names from Knights of the Round Table; Merlin; Galahad; Lancelot; the Statesman went into the whiskey making business and code names are somewhat alcohol based Champagne but call him Champ, Ginger Ale; Whiskey and Agent Tequila.

A couple of comic scenes highlight the differences in demure between the bespoke tailored British agents and their whiskey quaffing American agents but overally its mostly that dry British humor.

Keeping up in the spirit of having a villain whose absurd plans make sense albeit in a weird way; the villain this time is Miss Poppy an underground drug cartel boss

who is poppy adams

Who is Poppy Adams?

Intelligent, ambitious, ruthless, lacks empathy, superficial charm.

All the elements of a great CEO.

Or a psychopath.

…. who would hold the whole world at ransom for drugs to be legalized

Poppy, would you

pass the sugar, please?

POPPY: “Okay. But it’s really bad for you. Eight times more addictive than cocaine. Five times more likely to cause death.

But it’s legal… so, you go ahead.

Knock yourself out……”

…….I want freedom.

I want fame.

Our profits were 250 billion dollars last year. I am the most successful businesswoman in the world, but nobody knows who I am.”

I am not sure if the movie supports drug culture or not it seems to toe the line between saying drugs are evil drug users are criminals and that some are victims of circumstances

What I loved most about the first Kingsman was its highly quotable quips. In The Golden Circle there are not that many quips and at a length of 2hours 21 minutes the scenes tend to drag on, to the next outlandish action with the signature disturbing violence which earns it an R rating. You can’t help feel like they mashed up two movies into one and skipped some vital aspects in the process…..

Just know that having something to lose… is what makes life worth living.

When you watch a movie you are supposed to suspend disbelief but they went a little overboard with the CGI in this one giving it an almost cartoonish feel; if I wanted to watch cartoon I’d pick an anime

Its got quite the star-studded cast; Halle Berry is in it whoop whoop, I rather love Halle but they really should have done more as with her character; we wanted more than this:

AGent ginger ale

and Elton John is in it too (as himself) I had to check the credits just to make sure it was him and if they kidnapped him like they kidnapped his character to appear in the movie

Should you watch it????? Yes at least once, especially if you have nothing else to watch it is good for a laugh or two, I rate it 4 triangles out of 7 squares good luck figuring that out.

If you watched it what are your thoughts?


and they just had to redo this scene:

manners maketh man

ooooh and one of the my memorable characters dies NOOO but at the rate this movie franchise works I wouldnt be surprised to see them back from the dead in the next sequel………..

As one of our founding Kingsman once said…
this is not the end.
It is not even the beginning of the end.
But it is, perhaps,
the end of the beginning



Of The Get To Know Me Tag

I stumbled on this tag on Harriet’s Blog Lilacs and Stuff  and she was like give at go, and I thought why not so here we are. Thanks Harriet ♥

get to know me.jpg

Vital Stats

Name: Beaton

Nicknames: The Beat, Beast, B, Bhidza, Ras Brown, Dread,

Place of Birth: Masvingo, Zimbabwe


Best Friend: Taona (this was forever ago I really need to get in touch)

Award: Best Student Award for coming first in class, consecutively throughout the year (this was Primary School and I was a transfer student from, fun times, being the new kid who aced everything)

Sport: tennis (won  a trophy in a Bata Tennis Foundation Tournament)

Real Holiday: A trip to the warm heart of Africa, Malawi, passing through Mozambique, and a short left to Zambia. The highlight of the trip was a going to Lake Malawi, which is incidentally the closest thing to a beach I have been to

Concert: Diamond Musica Rhumba Concert, when the original Congolese group performed in Masvingo; Zimbabwe for the first time. I danced so crazy I was invited on stage, some people thought I was part of the dance ensemble, in my defence it was the first time I tried drinking whiskey neat from the bottle, Mr  Glasses, for what (it seemed like a good idea at the time) and my first real hangover the morning after and swore never to drink again… ever ….. *laughs*


Films: The Matrix, Fight Club, Sound of Music, Limitless, Rango, Home, Meet The Croods

TV Shows: How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Blacklist, Boston Legal, Orphan Black, Leverage, Game of Thrones, Penny dreadful, Salem, Supernatural

Color: Black and Silver (shades of grey)

Songs: Kiss From a Rose ~ Seal, Linkin Park ~ Numb, Rockstar ~ Nickleback and those old school…”I want to go back to a time when the music touched you, your body, your mind your heart. …..I want to go back to a time when music made ya feel like falling in love

Restaurant: Hidden Garden Cafe

Books:  I read Terry Pratchett, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, JRR Tolkien, A Song of Fire and Ice  and ooh Harry Potter yep am a Pothead!


Feeling: ill * Sick face emoji*  got a cold and sore throat

Single or Taken: Complicated

Eating: Having a cup of ginger herbal tea, and an avocado sandwich

Wearing: Casual Friday

Watching: Captain America: Civil War


Want Children: yep

Want to Get Married: forever, for ever ever, death till do us  part, I think so.

Careers in Mind:  What Is called when you get paid to play video games, read books, watch movies and write about it. How about just a  dreamer I could do that.

Where You Want To Live: instead of a mansion in one place, I want have a tiny little place in every city in the world

Do You Believe In

God: Yes

Miracles: Yes

Love At First Sight: hmmmm I guess I do

Ghosts: I would have to say, yes, I haven’t seen one but I heard one. Blogged about it here

Heaven: Yes

Hell: if there is a heaven then yep

Kissing On The First Date: depends….. hmmmmm if its love at first sight, soul mate, stars aligning,two hearts crashing into each other…. then absolutely …what I have soul of a poet …. anyhoo if the chemistry is right.

Yourself: Absolutely I am biggest cheerleader *\0/* shakes pom poms,

Taking a leaf from Lilacs and Stuff Blog, I hereby nominate anyone who reads this and feels moved to do a similar tag, do it and tag me back would love to read about you…

thanks for popping by



Of Coffee On A Fishy Trip


If  you were having coffee with me…….lakeside coffee.jpg

If you were having coffee with me we would be having a hot cuppa in the great outdoors like a picnic. We would be going fishing and of course we would have a flask of hot coffee, and some tasty sandwiches which I got up at the crack of dawn to make.


Have a sandwich, I hope you like chicken, I killed the chicken myself and now we are going to catch fish and have it for supper. You had best be wearing something warm, the weather seems to have decided not only is winter coming “Stark WordsWinter Is Here, its cloudy with a chance of  rain. The weather Forecast says “Expect heavy rains”, funny I didn’t know the sky was pregnant.

If you were having coffee with me we would be going to the lake, Lake Chivero. We would stop along the way to buy worms because its all about the bait, ask any good fisherman, I would not know not though, that’s what the guy who sells worms said, but suspect he only says that to get you to buy his worms.


They say give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach a man the fine of art of fishing and he will find an excuse to go to the lake and lounge the day away….. It’s a bit windy would you like a nip of whiskey in your coffee, it’s single malt, slow brewed, extra matured and tastes like oak or is it woody anyway I won’t tell if you won’t tell.

The thing about fishing is that there is a fine line between fishing and standing with fishing rod in hand looking awesomely foolish. Have a swig of whiskey ooops I mean coffee and lets wile away the day.

If you were having with me, we would go for a boat ride, if you pay a modest fee, they rent out a canoes for the day, they even include life jackets and warn you not to row to far else you might get in a current. It feels a bit unsteady as if it might topple over but after a while you get used to it but try not to think about lochness monsters, leviathans and krakens and the harder you try to not think about something, goosebumps.

2016-02-13 15.jpg

Oh no, while we were out on the boat, some bright spark thought the worms were thirsty and poured whiskey into the can of worms, now they are all dead, alcohol kills worms. So we have no more bait which is our valid excuse for why we did not catch any fish. Isnt it fortunate that there fisherman who sell fish just close by so will buy one or two big ones  and pretend we caught them.


Shhhh *conspiratorial wink* no one need ever know and when someone asks we shall smile that knowing smile and say “You should have seen the one that got away….. it was a leviathan



The afternoon rain forecasted has started and we have to be going now, glad you hung around on our fishing trip so long and thanks for all the fishes♥♥♥♥

bye-bye (1).jpg