Of Resolutions, Meetups and Guest Posts


Compliments of the season….. Here’s to wishing you a great year ahead, every year we make promises and resolutions that this year, this year will be the year that I flourish I am serious this time, even more serious than the year before that, and the year before that….
What resolutions have you made and how far in achieving them have you gotten so far?

This year part of my blogging resolutions include to interact with more bloggers and hopefully drive a meet a blogger project so that some of you become not just a username, an avatar and a blog address but also a face, a voice and a real life body to complete the picture.

If you are interested in a meetup please contact me (this goes out especially to my fellow Zim Bloggers, don’t be strangers) … The internet is a lovely place we could even set up a Virtual Bloggers Blast Event, in the comfort of well, wherever you are hopefully comfortable, with your internet connection.

In the spirit of connecting more with bloggers I am now making it official: A call for Guest Posts from Guest Bloggers.

If you would like to be a Guest Blogger I can feature your Guest Post on my blog simply give me a shout and I’d be glad to accommodate you.

What would you write about you are wondering? Well, you can pretty much write whatever you want, a poem, a story, a previously published post of yours, anything really, as long as it doesn’t get me in trouble with any copyright infringement issues or arrested or killed by cute looking rabid bunnies or ninja clown assassins.
I will also include any referral links to your blog or website and or social media accounts.
Likewise I would love to do a guest post on yours if you would have me.

My fingers are crossed that you, yes you, reading this right, have something to say and that you would do me the honour of saying it on my blog. If I get enough responses I just might make Guest Blog Posts a regular appearance maybe once a month or even more.

All the best for 2017

PS you don’t have to be a blogger or have a blog for your guest post to feature here, simply contact or email me and we will make a plan.


53 thoughts on “Of Resolutions, Meetups and Guest Posts

  1. “As long as it doesnโ€™t get me in trouble with any copyright infringement issues or arrested or killed by cute looking rabid bunnies or ninja clown assassins.”

    The bunny part of that sentence severely limits the amount of things I could write on your blog, B! The blogger meetup sounds like a great idea, although I likely won’t be able to participate because I’ll be in the Amazon rainforest. But I still think you should pursue it!


    • hi Josh ๐Ÿ™‚ New Year’s compliments hahaha I won’t even ask what Mickey Mouse operation you planning with bunny rabbits and or Jaguars

      heeeeey all the best in The Amazon take lots of pics and leave nothing behind but memories and oooh how about you do a tiny tiny Amazon pics feature Guest Post, that would more than make up for missing out on the blogger meetup, yes? ~B

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      • Hey B, New Year’s compliments to you as well! And thanks for the encouragement about my Amazon trip!

        I’d love to do a guest post on your blog! I probably won’t be done with the Amazon business for a while though, so I might not be able to write that post until close to Christmas. I’m planning to go down to Guyana this summer and fall for my Master’s research, so I’ll be in the field for a while. But sign me up for that guest post anyway, and I’ll get on it when I return!

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  2. Funny how resolutions pop up this time of year. Guess it has to do with a new revolution around the sun. I like to think of resolutions as “re:solutions”, or “result in: Oo’s”. My favorite is the last one. It’s an accomplishment with a cheer. Or cheery o’s. That may be copyrighted by a cereal company. At least the vocalization of it. I don’t know how that all works. Anyway, happy new year to you. This comment is almost a blog post, but not quite. Cheers!

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    • thank you very much…. such curious Lil things resolutions so much fuss about going round the sun hahaha yep your comment was almost a blog post by itself is that a hint at doing one, oh pretty please ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers



  3. hehehe, a meet up really? Gimme 10 good reasons why I would want to meet up with you? you know I got mad love for you Sunshine and anytime is tea time for you (which right now is long over due)


  4. Welcome back B
    Now may you please do me the absolute pure pleasure of being my guest blogger?
    We have a Uganda bloggers happy hour every month.
    I have only been to one but, usually the announcement for it runs on social media through out the month, with venue,date and time.
    And then someone posts what transpired for those who didn’t show.
    It’s a community of sorts with a facebook and twitter account.
    So maybe you could create a Zim Bloggers Community online and take it from there.
    And give me all the credit ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Good luck
    How is the 2017 calendar change?


    • absolutely ๐Ÿ™‚ would not miss it for the world… I like being a guest everyone gets to be polite to you hahaha So we On right…

      oh about the Uganda Bloggers happy hour could you point me in the direction of the organisers of said event or the Fb or Twitter Account… might get priceless info instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

      and I will absolutely give you most hehehehe of the credit. ~B

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      • @ugbloc on twitter
        Ugblogging Community on Facebook
        Also find the guy Joel Nevender Ntwatwa on facebook or @nevender on twitter,
        Or the lady @PKahill
        Or the gentleman @joeljjemba
        And you should have all the help or information you need.
        Should be great.
        Good luck
        And how soon can you guest blog?

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      • Thanks much obliged, you are a star….
        hopefully I will be able to give you a date when I can do you by Monday hahahaha
        what would I guest blog about though?

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  6. hi Beaton- my blog has moved, so I followed you with the new page.
    I have always followed you- we just don’t tend to talk on Twitter and I was scaling back my contacts there to people that interact.
    We’ve always read each other’s blogs so we are cool there-

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  7. I really need to get around to making my own resolutions too. I mean they are there but I haven’t yet set my mind to go out and do them. High on the list will be blogging more. and of course a guest post here, definitely a coffee post.

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  9. I’d love to write a guest blog! Although I do have one question, what type of post are you looking for? my blog is tanyatale.wordpress.com so you can see some of my posts there but I do also write some other stuff, so give me a shout!

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  10. Happy belated New Year. Or should it be belated Happy New Year? I’ve not done new year resolutions in years because as you so eloquently put it each year was the same. I’d have a good start and almost as soon as I began I’d begin to fizzle. But onto a more pressing matter “killed by cute looking rabid bunnies or ninja clown assassins” ๐Ÿคฃ seriously? Now ninja clown assassins I heard can be quite hard to tangle with but bunnies? Tsk, tsk, I have to be on the lookout for theses criiters๐Ÿ˜

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  11. Thank you, dear B, for your kind invitation to do a guest post for you! I have some poems I’ll send you. Just give me about a week to pull them together. I recently sent 3 short rhyming-ish poems that I wrote in my 20s to a dear friend. I wonder if you’d be interested in them. I have many many many others too. Will you message me your email address, & I’ll forward you a Word doc? Or do you have another way you’d like to receive them? I enjoy your Twitter posts very much along with your blog posts! I enjoy how you look at the world and moments within it.

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  12. “…or arrested or killed by cute
    looking rabid bunnies or ninja clown assassins…”

    Great bro, but my work might get you arrested for subversion, treason and scheming a coupe de tat on a “constitutionally elected goverment” kkkk

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